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Hold Onto Your Hats! Your Numerology Vibrations for August 31, 2014

What a way to end the month!

It's strong, its decisive, and it's -- argumentative (if you choose that vibration). 

Need to accomplish something around the home (4) today? Whether it's a DIY project, moving a bedroom around, or working on the landscaping, you can get it done with a vengeance! However, if you are "in the mood", all slackers need not apply. You're on a roll and don't have time for nonsense. You'll probably let them know that, too.

Working solitary, you can make haste faster than bringing along others for the ride because honestly, they're going to have goals of their own. 1 works with the self and isn't really interested if  you need a partner to "help you". Deal with it.... see how the vibrations are going? 

You may also wish to keep heavy-duty discussions to a minimum today. We're all in this for ourselves. It'd wait a few days.

On that note - HEADS UP! Tomorrow we enter the lovely month of September, which m…

Telling Stories! Your Numerology Vibrations for August 30, 2014


For those of us in the United States, it's a bank holiday weekend. However, retail is running at an all time high, so it's not a holiday for us all.
With the 3 and 9 in the vibrations, it's a good way to start out your 3 day weekend (or any weekend) as the 3 and 9 brings together friends, family, and people in general. It will all depend on how you wish to spend the day that will determine the conversation.
3 loves to chat, laugh, and tell stories. (It also likes to gossip). 9, on the other hand, likes to "fix" people. 9 is the counselor and when the number of family issues arises (9), they might want to Controlled, the 9 is the person  you'll want to bear your soul to. But if the 9 doesn't have an open mind today, they may be the last person you wish to have a conversation with.
Strive to stay on the playful (3), humanitarian (9) side of the vibrations today, whether you're enjoying holiday time or not. Enjoy your interactions with oth…

Lookin' Good! Your Numerology Vibrations for August 29, 2014


Wrapping up the month, we're experiencing one of the last Master Numbers for August.
Once again, it gives us the opportunity to look at our finances, jobs, and health. It also gives us the opportunity to look at our surroundings
The 8 LOVES to look good! No, you don't have to have the income of Donald Trump to "look good." You don't have to purchase your possessions from House Beautiful or a high priced furniture store. With some simple guidelines, you can create an environment that builds positive vibrations.

Eliminate or pack away all broken items. Broken items remind you that either you or your life are "broken." ("I only deserve broken"). In time, you will not miss those items.Eliminate those things you really don't like. Begin replacing them with items that you do. You do not have to replace them with something of the same cost - just something you like.If it doesn't make you smile, do you really need it? Decipher between wa…

Back To The Drawing Board. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 28, 2014

I love this vibration and most 1 & 5 Life Paths will as well. It doesn't mean that the day is perfect, but it does tantalize our cerebral nature. We can live in our heads and enjoy the energy that's created there.
But it's not all about fantasy - we are creating in the solitude of ourselves, which is right where we wish to be most. Innovative, and inventive are only a few descriptions of this vibration and we'll probably wish to have solitude surrounding it as well.
This is the vibration where plans and dreams are outlined, dissected, and drawn out on paper. Whether it's business, personal, and/or social, it's time to put on our Thinking Caps. So, if you're looking to figure out a goal, have at it! It's a goodie!

Re-evaluating Relationships. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 27, 2014

We don't always wish to think about the relationships that surround us, and isn't it interesting that when someone suggests it, we tend to think of the challenging ones first? 
Today, we are asked to think of the challenging aspects of our relationships and asked where we fit in to the problem. Yes...we do help create the experiences of our lives. So, lets begin.

Are you bringing the same type of people continually into your life?Are you always pushing everyone around you away?Do you tend to have the same type of boss over and over?Are your household conversations always tense, strained, or explosive?Why?

If you're looking at everyone around you for the reasons, the 9 (with it's wisdom and understanding) is asking you today, to look in the mirror. Check out the feelings you entertain.  Do you expect conflict? You'll get it.Do you expect arguments? You'll get it.Do you expect to be left? You'll get it.Do you expect heartache? You'll get it. The Univers…

Speak Unto Others...Your Numerology Vibrations for August 26, 2014


For all their positives in this compatible combo, on the challenging side we have the stern taskmaster (8) meeting the freedom loving spirit (5). Yes, they can get along but if they dig their heels in with determination to have it their own way - "Houston, we have a problem." 
The 8 has the ability to order and demand, while the 5 ignores, lost in the energy they wish to experience. Picking out the other person's limitations and faults, it will point them out at every opportunity if they feel pushed. The 8 will slam it back with "the way it is."
If you find yourself easily slipping into this mode, stop and take a few moments of silence. Begin again. Rarely do we get to where we want to be in a business situation or relationship by demands or bullying, and we'll always remember the ill words spoken. 
On the other hand, this can be a great day for taking care of or obtaining new clients and customers. Just remember to treat them as you wish to be treated.

The Perfect Vibration for Answers. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 25, 2014

For the last time this month, the Spiritual Seeker teams up with the Master Teacher to challenge you to look within. 

We have all heard the concept, "All of your answers are within yourself". What do you feel? 
Remember that the Inner Self does not tear apart, insult, yell or scream at you. It will hand you the message without emotion, yet you are cared about. It "just is." Listen.
Intuition is running high and you have the answers to any question awaiting your quiet time. Find 1, 2, or 5 minutes today to listen to the still, small voice within. What is it telling you?
It's the perfect vibration for answers.

Community Coming Together. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 24, 2014

Feeling domestic today? Not unusual under the vibration of the 6. And with the combination of the 6/3 together, we want it colorful. 
The heart of the artist is once again upon us whether we wish to engage in baking, painting walls, planting flowers, designing, sewing, remodeling, reconstruction, etc.
Better yet, make a family/friends event if you are surrounded by others. A little laughter and/or story telling thrown into the mix will be most appropriate.
Generally, I focus on everyone as a overall vibration, but with the aftermath of the large Earthquake that just occurred in the Napa County area of California about 4 hours ago, this is the combination that speaks of family, friends, and community (6) - the pulling together of several counties helping each other out. Communication (3) on the social medias is tying folks together as they stay in touch with each other.
If you have someone in that area and cannot reach them due to power outages, etc., you can stay informed through th…

What The World Needs Now...Compassion. Your Numerology Vibrations For August 23, 2014


No two numbers could be more opposite than the 5 and the 2, except when it comes to compassion. However, if this was a relationship, compassion alone can not carry them through. 

This world is in dire need of compassion, which appears less and less as we watch the news feeds. There is less compassion for each other, as we read postings on social medias that rip each other apart over nonsense. And the television news reigns supreme for filling our heads with a barrage of negativity.

Today, practice compassion for one another. 

com·pas·sion noun sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. "the victims should be treated with compassion" synonyms:pitysympathyempathyfellow feelingcareconcernsolicitude,sensitivitywarmthlovetendernessmercyleniencytolerancekindness,humanitycharity "have you no compassion for a fellow human being?"

Do The Right Thing. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 22, 2014


Generally, the 4 and 1 bring us challenges and today really is no different - except that we are not going to reduce the 22 to the 4 position. It's the Master Teacher coming to introduce a lesson, a teaching, a way of beginning or continuation. 

Now, we can avoid it and then settle for the 4 attributes combined with the 1, which many times bring us heated discussions. Or we can rise above the 4/1 combo, asking what's the higher road? What's the better way? The 22 is here to help show that to you.

As with all situations where the 2 is present (in this case double 2s), we can trust our intuition - our gut feelings. What are they telling you? Will you follow them or ignore them? 

It's the way of the teacher. Today, even though there is a 1 in the mix, think twice, begin again, consider Plan B, choose the high road, listen, get it accomplished, choose security/stability over spontaneity, and do the right thing.

Consider Your Words. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 21, 2014


Where's your heart, dear artist? Where does it lie?
The 3 and 9 brings us the heart of an artist. Even though these are not the numbers of emotional romance, they can bring out the gentility of the sensitive, creative person.
Therefore, words can have more of an impact today. The Chatty 3 loves the company of others, while the Old Soul 9 remembers the day of painful conversations - how can they be healed? 
Combining the two is the 11, always seeking to bring out the best in those it surrounds.
Today, consider your words wisely before speaking. Bring comfort to those who need it. Use few words with those you do not understand. Listen more than speak. Seek to heal with softness and compassion (9).

Working At What You Love. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 20, 2014

Every week that I have written about the 2/8 vibration, I am reminded of Jim Carey's story of his father who gave up his dream of a career and became an accountant (8) - not because he wanted to, but because he knew it would feed the family. His dream, on the other hand, was a gamble and a chance.
However, after years of working at a job he disliked, he lost this job and the family was forced to do what they could do to make ends meet. Jim's take on the situation? 
"You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love."
The 2 and 8 together are the epitome of "doing what you love." Are you doing what you love or what you feel you should do, thereby driving yourself nuts? We have all done something we dislike in order to make ends meet but today, consider setting your intentions towards that which you wish. 
Make a vision board with photos (you can get these off the Internet) of a job you'd love to have. Set…

Seek and Ye Shall Find. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 19, 2014


Seek and Ye Shall Find

verb attempt to find (something). "they came here to seek shelter from biting winter winds" synonyms:search for, try to find, look for, be on the lookout for, be after, hunt for, be in quest of
"they sought shelter from the winter snows" attempt or desire to obtain or achieve (something). "the new regime sought his extradition" synonyms:try to obtain, work toward, be intent on, aim at/for More

ask for (something) from someone. "he sought help from the police" synonyms:ask for, requestsolicit, call for, entreat, beg for, petition for, appeal for,apply for, put in for
"he sought help from the police

When Did You Stop Dancing? Your Numerology Vibrations for August 17, 2014l

“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions. When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?”  -Gabrielle Roth
When the health conscious 8 merges with the Queen of Change (5), we may find ourselves looking in the mirror and asking "How do I get back to feeling like I used to? How do I start to feel better?"
It could be physical, emotional, and/or spiritual, but it's affecting our lives. Within ourselves, we have the answers. We instinctively know what we need. It may be a different relationship, vitamins, a different job, a doctor's appointment, words of wisdom, a different spiritual walk, quiet time, exercise, doing something good for ourselves, etc. We know what we need.
Today, take some quiet time - 5 minutes, if that's all …

Revisiting "I AM". Your Numerology Vibrations of August 16, 2014

I posted most of this 9 days ago, but we are revisiting this vibration again and the sentiments are the same. Hopefully, we will have one more opportunity before the month is over and I will post it once again. It is the day of the great I AM.
Today, the mind will be on overload, but then with this vibration, you secretly like it that way. Let the analyzation begin!
With the Master Teacher/Student in the Life Path position, and the Researcher (7) occupying the day's vibration, you can't help but learn something. So tell me - what have you wanted to study or learn lately? Today's the day. Take some time in your schedule to approach that topic. Neither of these numbers are procrastinators but they will ease themselves into it methodically.
Hit the newspapers, book stores, libraries, personal book shelves, and Internet. You're looking to discover new ways of doing...anything! Don't be surprised if there is a real spiritual side to it as well as spirituality (7) an…

Sixth Sense & Prophecy. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 15, 2014


Always a good vibration for a Friday - particularly if family and friends are involved. After all, this is the "family fun night" vibration.
But what happens when one sits alone on a day/evening whereby a vibration announces anything but isolation? 
It is said that the 6 can have a Sixth Sense; the 3 can be prophetic. Between the two, there is a lot of potential for "feeling" your way into situations that you'd like to experience. 
If you're content with your seclusion, then enjoy the day doing the things you most enjoy. As the 3 really enjoys hobbies, this is your time to drag out your materials and get cracking. 
If you're not happy with your seclusion, this is a good morning to set your intentions. Wishing and hoping usually only leads to more wishing and hoping. Visualize what you want; feel within you what it would feel like. What you send out into the Universe will manifest itself. Analyze your present situation - what are your words presently …

He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not. Your Numerology Vibrations or August 14, 2014

He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not....She Loves Me; She Loves Me Not...

Ever play that game as a child? When the 5 and 2 join forces, it can actually be recreated. The 2 strives for love and attention while the 5 wants to go roller-coaster riding. 2 wonders if the 5 even notices and the 5 wonders if the 2 will ever chill and enjoy themselves.

How do you get the two to meld? You don't. You take turns and realize that each needs to address their own goals and wants today. Perhaps your numerical blueprint will tug and pull at one or the other. But if those around you are drawn to the opposite vibration, don't take it personally. Tomorrow will be far more compatible. 

So today, don't worry if love is escaping you - we're all a little topsy-turvy and having a good time. If you feel more emotional than most, go to the store, buy daisies for your desk or table, but refrain from asking them if s(he) loves you :)

Passing Notes. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 13, 2014


The two debaters of Numerology are here today, and though they approach communication differently, they can still spar with the best of them. 
1, like 5, loves the spontaneity of life, while 4 needs the ability to plan it out and know the score. And with their headstrong views, sometimes the words come out too harsh or not in the manner that the other can understand. What both do excel in is writing down what they need and want (though one note may be shorter than the other). 
Today, instead of contemplating speaking in words when you come up against a challenging issue, consider writing it down. Proofread (the 4 is good at that). And then send it across. You never know what topics of discussion it can lead to.

Make It Fun! Your Numerology Vibrations for August 12, 2014


Even though it's  Tuesday, it's Play Time! That's right - Play Time for the family, community, and soul. 
We may not be able to take the day off from work, but there are snippets of time in the early morning, and perhaps time in the evening, whereby we can find time to play. The 3 loves that and 9 says, "It heals a multitude of issues." 
So today, make the pancakes in different shapes, throw a few playful small bean bags at each other, take fun food to work, play a board game or cards tonight, color, paint, laugh, turn up the tunes, tell stories or jokes, work on a FUN project together this evening, lighten-up, and make it fun!

Taking The Shorter Avenue. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 11, 2014

Nine days ago we looked at the 2/8 combo. Today, there's an added twist as we do not reduce the 11. 

Health, business, money matters, decision making - how do those topics affect you upon reading them? These are the topics that you'll be addressing today.
How can you obtain your goals in these areas for your highest and best good? What needs to be accomplished so that these categories are not a concern in your present life? Today, the vibrations are asking you come up with a plan of accomplishment. It may be a long term plan; it may be a short one. Think outside the box for new ways of going forward. 
If we continually look at "what is" and thinking it can only be done one way, we'll miss the  shorter avenues that take us to the result we wish to see.

Meeting of The Minds. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 10, 2014


1 and 7 combines to bring us a particularly thought provoking day again this month. 
We're analyzing and deciding what should be done first, second, and third. 
For some, it will not blend well into their numerical blueprint - particularly if they have an abundance of twos and sixes. But for those who have a predominance of ones, fours, sevens, and eights, it should work quite nicely, even though some of those combinations are a challenge to each other.
If you're overlooking a project or study session today, it will be all business and goal accomplishment. And if you have to complete it alone, not a problem. The 1 and 7 are known for working on their own. So what type of project do you need to get moving on today?
This is not necessarily the day to look for a relationship, unless you're a 1 or 7 looking for someone of the same/opposite vibration (7 & 1). It will truly be a meeting of the minds before anything else.
Today, don't worry that each person goes off on t…

A Good Day To Listen! Your Numerology Vibrations for August 9, 2014


Healing Relationships 
The counselor comes together with family/friends/community in this vibration. A single individual doesn't have to assume the position of counselor as we may discover that there is some of that in all of us. 
Today is a good day to listen. That doesn't mean that one person is allowed to do all the talking. But if we all take turns, we'll have time to say what is on our minds as well. 
Perhaps you don't really have someone in  your life who will listen. Never underestimate the power of talking out loud to the Universe, the ceiling, or to the energy that surrounds  you. In fact, consider placing an intention this weekend of the Aquarius full moon requesting new friends who will offer you that opportunity.
On the opposite side, this full moon, plus the vibration of the 9/6, offers you the opportunity to let people go as well. This can be personal, neighbors, and/or business. 
Whichever way we're looking at it, relationships are high on the list.…

Bring On The Customers! Your Numerology Vibrations for August, 2014


Are you someone who has the 8 and 5 in dominate positions in  your numerical blueprint? If so, and you're a business person, it can't get better than this. However, it will be up to you to balance the two appropriately.
8 is business and finance - the top Honcho of corporations. Better suited for the office, it makes the hard hitting decisions.
But the 5 is Public Relations. Its forte is not business and finance, but bringing in the customers. Off the wall, spontaneous, and animated, it will draw the crowd!
Depending on your numerical blueprint, you'll be drawn more to one or the other. Today, you have the advantage of these two vibrations to circulate your life and aid in both situations. It will be up to you to balance these two vibrations during the hours you need them.
8 - business/finance 5 - movement, change, PR
It's a bit of an odd combo, but it can be a constructive one! Use it wisely.

Learn the Power of "I Am". Your Numerology Vibrations for August 7, 2014


I like this one! But then, I would. If you have 7s and 4s predominate in your numerical blueprint, this will be right up your alley!
The mind will be on overload, but then you secretly like it that way. Let the analyzation begin!
With the Master Teacher/Student in the Life Path position, and the Researcher (7) occupying the day's vibration, you can't help but learn something. So tell me - what have you wanted to study or learn lately? Today's the day. Take some time in your schedule to approach that topic. Neither of these numbers are procrastinators but they will ease themselves into it methodically.
Hit the newspapers, book stores, libraries, personal book shelves, and Internet. You're looking to discover new ways of doing...anything! Don't be surprised if there is a real spiritual side to it as well as spirituality (7) and intuition (22) are heavily in the mix. 
Don't know what you want to learn? May I suggest the Power of the Phrase "I Am" whic…

Redoing Our Surroundings! Your Numerology Vibrations for August 6, 2014


Get out the color swatches and the paint brushes - we're redoing our surroundings!
The designer is going to come out in all of us today. We're looking at the colors we've been living with and thinking, "Who chose this?" And though we may not do the actual work today, we're getting prepared withCOLOR!
It may be the curtains, walls, pillows, or bedspreads. Perhaps we're introducing something new, or packing away the old in exchange for something that was already in storage. 
Perhaps we'll only accomplish changing around our home or office because we're not free to change our living/working wall space. That's OK as well. Change to your heart's content. 
But above all, change your surroundings to something that makes you smile and want to return to.

Opposites Attract - Or Do They? Your Numerology Vibrations for August 5, 2014


Oil and water - which side shall we choose? 

When these two pair up, it's electrifying because opposites attract. Each brings gifts the other doesn't always display. 

But ultimately, the 5 feels bogged down by the 2's dependency and the 2 feels rejected by the 5's need for freedom and spontaneity. What truly drives these two, the other can not understand. 

Today, we're wanting adventure, movement, FREEDOM, and excitement while looking at dependency, love, commitment, togetherness. Depending on your numerical blueprint, you'll be drawn to one side of the other. In a relationship, you may feel the other does not care, when in actuality, they are responding to the strongest vibration of the day for them. 

It's a time of balance. Give yourself the gift of both. The 2 is also incredibly intuitive. Rely on this vibration to trust your gut feelings over decisions. Bring out the playfulness and adventure with the 5 when the time is right - perhaps after work when…

Consider the "Other Side". Your Numerology Vibrations for August 4, 2014

Two heads come together to butt each other in competition. Which one will win? 
The 1 knows where it wants to go, spontaneous as the day is long. 4 wants...a list. Let's make plans on just how to proceed (4), while the 1 taps its fingers on the table in response. 
What pursues, in many cases, is an all out and out argument. These two powerhouses are dynamite at the debate table, but not at a relationship. They are both too busy trying to get the other to see their side of the situation. 
Today, watch your words - choose them wisely. It's too easy to fly in response when things may become intense. Look for the balance in all things, as difficult as that may seem. Give a little; take a little.
If you tend to be too organized, take a risk; take a chance. If you're too spontaneous in all things, grit your teeth and see what it may be like to make a plan. OK, so a 30 second plan - come on, you can do it! Try to understand each other's side. In understanding their position…

Your Numerology Vibrations for August 1st - 3rd, 2014

As I will be gone for the next several days, this posting will include Friday (1st), Saturday (2nd), and Sunday (3rd). 
HURRAY! The challenges of June and July, 2014, are gone and a more compatible month has arrived! So here we go!!
For the most part, this is a natural vibration with 1 and 7 bringing together what they do best - thinking and implementation! Don't expect family reunions under this grouping, however, the nuts and bolts planning stage could take place. 
We're digging and exploring, finding answers, definitely working on solitary projects without the aid of others, and pushing goals to the hilt. We, however, have to do the work - it won't do it by itself. 
Today, it's the first of August! Plan and START a new goal! Go for it!
Two of the business numbers of Numerology come together today. It's the best of investments; it's the worst of investments. So don't concentrate on how much money you can make today - just that you can make it.