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A Good Day To Listen! Your Numerology Vibrations for August 9, 2014


Healing Relationships 

The counselor comes together with family/friends/community in this vibration. A single individual doesn't have to assume the position of counselor as we may discover that there is some of that in all of us. 

Today is a good day to listen. That doesn't mean that one person is allowed to do all the talking. But if we all take turns, we'll have time to say what is on our minds as well. 

Perhaps you don't really have someone in  your life who will listen. Never underestimate the power of talking out loud to the Universe, the ceiling, or to the energy that surrounds  you. In fact, consider placing an intention this weekend of the Aquarius full moon requesting new friends who will offer you that opportunity.

On the opposite side, this full moon, plus the vibration of the 9/6, offers you the opportunity to let people go as well. This can be personal, neighbors, and/or business. 

Whichever way we're looking at it, relationships are high on the list. Nurture them, listen to them, or let them be. It'll be up to you.