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Back To The Drawing Board. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 28, 2014


I love this vibration and most 1 & 5 Life Paths will as well. It doesn't mean that the day is perfect, but it does tantalize our cerebral nature. We can live in our heads and enjoy the energy that's created there.

But it's not all about fantasy - we are creating in the solitude of ourselves, which is right where we wish to be most. Innovative, and inventive are only a few descriptions of this vibration and we'll probably wish to have solitude surrounding it as well.

This is the vibration where plans and dreams are outlined, dissected, and drawn out on paper. Whether it's business, personal, and/or social, it's time to put on our Thinking Caps. So, if you're looking to figure out a goal, have at it! It's a goodie!