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Bring On The Customers! Your Numerology Vibrations for August, 2014


Are you someone who has the 8 and 5 in dominate positions in  your numerical blueprint? If so, and you're a business person, it can't get better than this. However, it will be up to you to balance the two appropriately.

8 is business and finance - the top Honcho of corporations. Better suited for the office, it makes the hard hitting decisions.

But the 5 is Public Relations. Its forte is not business and finance, but bringing in the customers. Off the wall, spontaneous, and animated, it will draw the crowd!

Depending on your numerical blueprint, you'll be drawn more to one or the other. Today, you have the advantage of these two vibrations to circulate your life and aid in both situations. It will be up to you to balance these two vibrations during the hours you need them.

8 - business/finance
5 - movement, change, PR

It's a bit of an odd combo, but it can be a constructive one! Use it wisely.