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Community Coming Together. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 24, 2014


Feeling domestic today? Not unusual under the vibration of the 6. And with the combination of the 6/3 together, we want it colorful. 

The heart of the artist is once again upon us whether we wish to engage in baking, painting walls, planting flowers, designing, sewing, remodeling, reconstruction, etc.

Better yet, make a family/friends event if you are surrounded by others. A little laughter and/or story telling thrown into the mix will be most appropriate.

Generally, I focus on everyone as a overall vibration, but with the aftermath of the large Earthquake that just occurred in the Napa County area of California about 4 hours ago, this is the combination that speaks of family, friends, and community (6) - the pulling together of several counties helping each other out. Communication (3) on the social medias is tying folks together as they stay in touch with each other.

If you have someone in that area and cannot reach them due to power outages, etc., you can stay informed through the Napa Valley Register's Facebook account. I'm sure others will be popping up as well.