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Consider the "Other Side". Your Numerology Vibrations for August 4, 2014


Two heads come together to butt each other in competition. Which one will win? 

The 1 knows where it wants to go, spontaneous as the day is long. 4 wants...a list. Let's make plans on just how to proceed (4), while the 1 taps its fingers on the table in response. 

What pursues, in many cases, is an all out and out argument. These two powerhouses are dynamite at the debate table, but not at a relationship. They are both too busy trying to get the other to see their side of the situation. 

Today, watch your words - choose them wisely. It's too easy to fly in response when things may become intense. Look for the balance in all things, as difficult as that may seem. Give a little; take a little.

If you tend to be too organized, take a risk; take a chance. If you're too spontaneous in all things, grit your teeth and see what it may be like to make a plan. OK, so a 30 second plan - come on, you can do it! Try to understand each other's side. In understanding their position, you may discover their gifts, even though they are not yours.