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Do The Right Thing. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 22, 2014


Generally, the 4 and 1 bring us challenges and today really is no different - except that we are not going to reduce the 22 to the 4 position. It's the Master Teacher coming to introduce a lesson, a teaching, a way of beginning or continuation. 

Now, we can avoid it and then settle for the 4 attributes combined with the 1, which many times bring us heated discussions. Or we can rise above the 4/1 combo, asking what's the higher road? What's the better way? The 22 is here to help show that to you.

As with all situations where the 2 is present (in this case double 2s), we can trust our intuition - our gut feelings. What are they telling you? Will you follow them or ignore them? 

It's the way of the teacher. Today, even though there is a 1 in the mix, think twice, begin again, consider Plan B, choose the high road, listen, get it accomplished, choose security/stability over spontaneity, and do the right thing