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Hold Onto Your Hats! Your Numerology Vibrations for August 31, 2014


What a way to end the month!

It's strong, its decisive, and it's -- argumentative (if you choose that vibration). 

Need to accomplish something around the home (4) today? Whether it's a DIY project, moving a bedroom around, or working on the landscaping, you can get it done with a vengeance! However, if you are "in the mood", all slackers need not apply. You're on a roll and don't have time for nonsense. You'll probably let them know that, too.

Working solitary, you can make haste faster than bringing along others for the ride because honestly, they're going to have goals of their own. 1 works with the self and isn't really interested if  you need a partner to "help you". Deal with it.... see how the vibrations are going? 

You may also wish to keep heavy-duty discussions to a minimum today. We're all in this for ourselves. It'd wait a few days.

On that note - HEADS UP! Tomorrow we enter the lovely month of September, which means EVERYone on the planet gets their double month. That's right. Whatever your personal year is for 2014, you now have the same in a personal month (i.e. I'm in a personal 5  year. September gives me a personal 5 month in a personal 5 year. And it will be tripled on every fifth day of September - 5th, 14th, 23rd. To boot, I just looked at my computer clock - 5:55 - hold on to your hat, Cheryl!)