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Learn the Power of "I Am". Your Numerology Vibrations for August 7, 2014


I like this one! But then, I would. If you have 7s and 4s predominate in your numerical blueprint, this will be right up your alley!

The mind will be on overload, but then you secretly like it that way. Let the analyzation begin!

With the Master Teacher/Student in the Life Path position, and the Researcher (7) occupying the day's vibration, you can't help but learn something. So tell me - what have you wanted to study or learn lately? Today's the day. Take some time in your schedule to approach that topic. Neither of these numbers are procrastinators but they will ease themselves into it methodically.

Hit the newspapers, book stores, libraries, personal book shelves, and Internet. You're looking to discover new ways of doing...anything! Don't be surprised if there is a real spiritual side to it as well as spirituality (7) and intuition (22) are heavily in the mix. 

Don't know what you want to learn? May I suggest the Power of the Phrase "I Am" which creates your life? If nothing else, listen to the first 10 minutes. It will change your outlook today!