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Meeting of The Minds. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 10, 2014


1 and 7 combines to bring us a particularly thought provoking day again this month. 

We're analyzing and deciding what should be done first, second, and third. 

For some, it will not blend well into their numerical blueprint - particularly if they have an abundance of twos and sixes. But for those who have a predominance of ones, fours, sevens, and eights, it should work quite nicely, even though some of those combinations are a challenge to each other.

If you're overlooking a project or study session today, it will be all business and goal accomplishment. And if you have to complete it alone, not a problem. The 1 and 7 are known for working on their own. So what type of project do you need to get moving on today?

This is not necessarily the day to look for a relationship, unless you're a 1 or 7 looking for someone of the same/opposite vibration (7 & 1). It will truly be a meeting of the minds before anything else.

Today, don't worry that each person goes off on their own to feed their mind (1) and soul (7). It'll make for great conversation over the supper table on what we all experienced today.