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Opposites Attract - Or Do They? Your Numerology Vibrations for August 5, 2014


Oil and water - which side shall we choose? 

When these two pair up, it's electrifying because opposites attract. Each brings gifts the other doesn't always display. 

But ultimately, the 5 feels bogged down by the 2's dependency and the 2 feels rejected by the 5's need for freedom and spontaneity. What truly drives these two, the other can not understand. 

Today, we're wanting adventure, movement, FREEDOM, and excitement while looking at dependency, love, commitment, togetherness. Depending on your numerical blueprint, you'll be drawn to one side of the other. In a relationship, you may feel the other does not care, when in actuality, they are responding to the strongest vibration of the day for them. 

It's a time of balance. Give yourself the gift of both. The 2 is also incredibly intuitive. Rely on this vibration to trust your gut feelings over decisions. Bring out the playfulness and adventure with the 5 when the time is right - perhaps after work when you can get together with family or friends, 

If it feels to be topsy-turvy, head to your area of sacred space and rest for a few minutes. The 5 also revitalizes itself in nature so don't under estimate a walk around the yard to become more grounded.