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Re-evaluating Relationships. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 27, 2014


We don't always wish to think about the relationships that surround us, and isn't it interesting that when someone suggests it, we tend to think of the challenging ones first? 

Today, we are asked to think of the challenging aspects of our relationships and asked where we fit in to the problem. Yes...we do help create the experiences of our lives. So, lets begin.

  • Are you bringing the same type of people continually into your life?
  • Are you always pushing everyone around you away?
  • Do you tend to have the same type of boss over and over?
  • Are your household conversations always tense, strained, or explosive?
  • Why?

If you're looking at everyone around you for the reasons, the 9 (with it's wisdom and understanding) is asking you today, to look in the mirror. Check out the feelings you entertain. 
  • Do you expect conflict? You'll get it.
  • Do you expect arguments? You'll get it.
  • Do you expect to be left? You'll get it.
  • Do you expect heartache? You'll get it. The Universe does not deny us "what we expect."

"But, I've had so much heartache in the past, I can't think any other way."

As tough as it may be, the 9 and 6 are urging you to learn a different mindset, feel a different heart-set, and walk a different path. The road isn't always simple, but it will be worth the lessons and journey. And you'll love the results!