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Redoing Our Surroundings! Your Numerology Vibrations for August 6, 2014


Get out the color swatches and the paint brushes - we're redoing our surroundings!

The designer is going to come out in all of us today. We're looking at the colors we've been living with and thinking, "Who chose this?" And though we may not do the actual work today, we're getting prepared with COLOR! 

It may be the curtains, walls, pillows, or bedspreads. Perhaps we're introducing something new, or packing away the old in exchange for something that was already in storage. 

Perhaps we'll only accomplish changing around our home or office because we're not free to change our living/working wall space. That's OK as well. Change to your heart's content. 

But above all, change your surroundings to something that makes you smile and want to return to.