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Sixth Sense & Prophecy. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 15, 2014


Always a good vibration for a Friday - particularly if family and friends are involved. After all, this is the "family fun night" vibration.

But what happens when one sits alone on a day/evening whereby a vibration announces anything but isolation? 

It is said that the 6 can have a Sixth Sense; the 3 can be prophetic. Between the two, there is a lot of potential for "feeling" your way into situations that you'd like to experience. 

If you're content with your seclusion, then enjoy the day doing the things you most enjoy. As the 3 really enjoys hobbies, this is your time to drag out your materials and get cracking. 

If you're not happy with your seclusion, this is a good morning to set your intentions. Wishing and hoping usually only leads to more wishing and hoping. Visualize what you want; feel within you what it would feel like. What you send out into the Universe will manifest itself. Analyze your present situation - what are your words presently manifesting for you? Results or just more need and want? Turn it around.

In the meantime, our creativity is running high today. Enjoy the colors of the day, no matter which hemisphere you are in! If you need color, bring it inside if the form of flowers (6), harvested vegetables, paints (3), fabric (6), and/or earthly possessions.