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Taking The Shorter Avenue. Your Numerology Vibrations for August 11, 2014


Nine days ago we looked at the 2/8 combo. Today, there's an added twist as we do not reduce the 11. 

Health, business, money matters, decision making - how do those topics affect you upon reading them? These are the topics that you'll be addressing today.

How can you obtain your goals in these areas for your highest and best good? What needs to be accomplished so that these categories are not a concern in your present life? Today, the vibrations are asking you come up with a plan of accomplishment. It may be a long term plan; it may be a short one. Think outside the box for new ways of going forward. 

If we continually look at "what is" and thinking it can only be done one way, we'll miss the  shorter avenues that take us to the result we wish to see.