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Your Numerology Vibrations for August 1st - 3rd, 2014


As I will be gone for the next several days, this posting will include Friday (1st), Saturday (2nd), and Sunday (3rd). 

HURRAY! The challenges of June and July, 2014, are gone and a more compatible month has arrived! So here we go!!

For the most part, this is a natural vibration with 1 and 7 bringing together what they do best - thinking and implementation! Don't expect family reunions under this grouping, however, the nuts and bolts planning stage could take place. 

We're digging and exploring, finding answers, definitely working on solitary projects without the aid of others, and pushing goals to the hilt. We, however, have to do the work - it won't do it by itself. 

Today, it's the first of August! Plan and START a new goal! Go for it!


Two of the business numbers of Numerology come together today. It's the best of investments; it's the worst of investments. So don't concentrate on how much money you can make today - just that you can make it. 

With the 2 in a prominent position, it's time to take care of our co-workers, colleagues, customers, and clients. Listen more to the concerns they share. Using their information, how can you best produce a better service, or product? It's a good time to set out a suggestion box.

This is also a good time to follow your gut feelings. Intuition is running high, so when it comes to finances (creating or spending), listen to your inner voice! 


Artists! We haven't seen this vibration for awhile and it's good to find it returning once again. Need to accomplish something creative? Sunday is your day! 

For some, it's a day off to work on the hobbies/projects that they enjoy most. It will flow more easily with the 3/9 in the background.

Perhaps you'll not work on a creative venture, but cultivate family ties instead (which is another aspect of the 3/9). Get out the game boards, get out the cards, or family project. Communication and togetherness is greatly recommended. If you don't have a biological family, bring friend(s) into the mix. Making a new friend is also a highlight of this day! Visit a coffee shop, go to lunch, or have a session over Skype (it's free!).

Whatever you do, try not to spend the entire day alone. 


  1. Really love having a couple days in advance! Made my plans for the weekend work out perfectly!

    1. I actually enjoyed that as well, Megan! I may get to a point of doing an entire week at a time in the future. :)


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