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Just Say It. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 30, 2014

Just Say It

The great communicator (3) is here in duplicate and the action 1 is here to back him up. 

On this last day of September, the Universe is giving us a gift. The gift of communication. What needs to be said? What do you want to say? This is the day. It may be spoken, it may be written, or it may even be painted (the artist). 

The kicker will be that the person you say it to may not respond in the way you'd hoped. They may not say anything at all. But at least you will know that they received the message. That's all you can hope for. And if your words are rejected, you walk away with the knowledge that at least you were able to say how your felt. 

Today, speak out into the Universe what you wish to see return to you.

And on that note - get ready for October, 2014, where we ALL get a glimpse of our 2015. And if October, 2014 is a bit rough, remember! You now have the tools you'll need to mellow out the year ahead with appropriate decisions and actions.

Coming From The Past - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 29, 2014

It's that vibration combination that will not be visiting for some time again.

The 2 of Love teams up with the 11/9 of Old Wisdom and Old Souls asking if you wish to embrace a relationship from "the past" (and that could mean a past life). 

However, there are two sides to the 9 - transition and/or endings. The 11 also requires that you look out for your best interests. They are all needed before moving forward. And the ending could be as simple as letting go of your isolation. Set or repeat your intentions today. 

But perhaps relationships are not on your mind or on your list. This is an incredible vibration for trusting the wee, small voice within for

divination workhoning your intuitive sidelistening to & receiving answers from your Guidestrusting your gut feelings on a decisionWhat is your focus for your present and future? Today, grab onto this vibration, give yourself the gift of wanting the best, and move towards it!

The Way of Personal Progress. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 27, 2014

A day of reflection. One last vibration for awhile that asks us to take some time alone, over a cup of tea/coffee, and reflect on our lives.  

Where have I come from?Where am I going?What is my purpose? Do I know?

It may feel a bit overwhelming as we allow the analyzing wheels of the 7 to wear our brain out, but not to worry. The 7 relaxes in nature. If you're feeling there is too much thinking occurring, or you have a bit more stress than you would like to tolerate, walk outside today. It doesn't have to be far but it should include trees, and plants - not the pure concrete city. Allow it to absorb the tension.
9 is the also the number of endings. What needs to come to a close? What needs to come to an end? We don't like ending chapters because it's easier to stay in "what is" as opposed to a Life Makeover. We don't want the stress and fear of the unknown. We fear loss of "things". However, "Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is." …

Can You Hear Me? Your Numerology Vibrations for September 25, 2014

Analysis and research. It's not all about the spiritual seeker when it comes to the number 7. We're questioning and don't mind looking for the answers. 
Why Am I Here?What Is My Purpose?Where Is This All Leading?
These are the questions of the 7. And they don't mentally rest until they find an answer they can live with. The vibration of the 5 will only encourage it, especially if these questions have not been adequately answered. But unlike those with 7s heavily in their numerical blueprint, you will most likely let it go tomorrow. 
A quieter day within, we watch those around us with interest. What are we feeling? If we can't understand their words, it's not unusual that during this time that we listen to our gut feelings. 
People tend to be a bit more isolated during this vibration. Not to worry.  With double 7s, we all need a little alone time to gather our thoughts. Communication by telepathy. In fact, as a double 7 on a double 7 day, I wonder why I need t…

Under The Tutelage of The Master Teacher. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 24, 2014


This is the last vibrational combination in 2014 that will ask us to review relationships under the tutelage of the Master Teacher. 

RELATIONSHIPS. What have you learned from those you've experienced? How can you change? Can you change it? Would you do it again? It's a life review.

Of course, there are a host of other questions and relationship situations that we need to address, The Master Teacher 22 is right there testing us on what we've learned in personal, business, and community interactions. 

It's also here to ask you, "Do you want another personal, business, or community based relationship?" We decide.

It's a simple one today. Take some time to reassess where you've been, what worked, what didn't, and how can you make that avenue in your life better.

Don't Look Back! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 23, 2014


Antsy - jittery - looking to the physical side of life....boredom need not knock on our doors today!
We're changing, moving, wanting to take on the world as the two fidgety numbers of Numerology join forces. We're just not wanting the same ol', same ol'. 
However, if you're in a position whereby a quiet, solitary state must be maintained (stuck in an office, sick in bed, etc.), consider a few photos or books on travel. Surf the web for faraway places or videos of action packed adventures. You can live out your wanderlust through the eyes of others. 
For those who believe a big change is needed in their lives, you can certainly set your intentions today. There is nothing stationary about this vibration! Make your mental/verbal decision today and don't look back. 

The High Priestess - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 22, 2014


How are your powers of intuition or trusting your gut feelings?

With all the 2s in this line up today, the Universe it going to be asking you to feel, and trust. And though one is actually the Master Teacher, don't be surprised if the lesson involves a bit more faith than usual.

Faith  - the belief of those things unseen.
We should also take a look behind the individual in the card and take note of the moon. Emotions can also be particularly strong today with anything between loving to tears. 

If you are a person who picks up on the emotions of others, take a note of this before assuming that all your negative feelings are your own. It's a day to wrap yourself in the protection of the Universe and ground yourself into Mother Earth. It may not be all about you. And that also means you don't have to "fix it" for someone else. 

And interesting day for sure. Look at each person with added love and understanding.

Meeting New People! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 21st, 2014


What do you need to say today? Because you can probably bring with it a powerful punch.
If it needs to be talked about, say it. If you need to call someone, do it. If you need to send a message, write it.
Communication is riding high with this combination and we don't have to hold back. Will the receiver accept your message - not necessarily, but those are the chances we take. Otherwise, we sit in limbo just waiting for [fill in the blank]?
It's a day also to meet new people, perhaps of more similar goals and interests. With the number of laughter (3), we're looking for others who wish to also laugh and have a good time. 
It's a day of getting out and doing...and talking to someone along the way.

The Earth Is Offering A...Soul Mate! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 20, 2014


WOW! What a combo in this one! The Earth has a Soul Mate vibration today - how about you?

Before we all get excited about the prospect, remember Soul Mates come in two forms: those you'll intensely love and those you'll intensely dislike! And they both offer the same thing in the end - big lessons! Are you up for it? Do you want it? 

So why do we have Soul Mates? Because there's something huge we need to learn. If it's a lover situation, that intense chemistry we share binds us together for what's coming up. These are folks we formed an agreement with before this lifetime to experience more than just a love connection. It's on fire, it feels like once in a lifetime, and then the Universe hauls out the big guns. Still up for it? What we wish for is the ability to twist and turn on the journey together, growing together, and coming out on top.

They are not always a romantic connection, but the relationship is incredibly close. We expect more from each other …

Enjoy the Feeling. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 19, 2014

It's full steam ahead in the decision department. This September, 2104 has us reviewing everything about our lives and allowing us the opportunity to move in a different direction or carry on with our much wanted plans.

And though the 8 can have us looking at our careers/jobs, it's also another hard hitter in the decision section. The 1 and 8, though neutral vibrations to each other, know exactly how to make up their minds...yesterday! Neither one of them needs your permission to move on a thought and they can really turn the tides of where they wish to be.

Though not a fuzzy, feely vibration, this is a good time to take your ideas and make them happen. 8 does have a tender spot under that huge brick exterior. So tap into that gift, sit for a few moments, close  your eyes and FEEL what it would be like to receive the answer to that much needed want you have be thinking about. 

Some would say, "Ask, and ye shall receive." No...FEEL and ye shall receive. Enjoy the f…

Contemplation for 2015. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 18, 2014

A day of reflection - we're ending things, we want new things and soon we will discover even more about where we're headed in 2015.
Did you know that October for everyone on the planet is a preview of the next year's vibration?
But until that time, the double 9s are already asking us, "What do we wish to leave behind for 2014?" "What will you give up?" The 7 explores all the possibilities as the 9 encourages the wrapping up of those things that do not bring us the highest and best good for our lives.
Today, even though there is plenty of 2014 to live, we are allowed to contemplate future plans - to take the initiative to set intentions of where we want to head. Hold them fast as there will be enough time to set them in motion.
Not sure where you wish to head? You'll have another opportunity to grasp onto this vibration on the 27th before entering the month of October. In the meantime, give yourself a little me time today and think.....where do I w…

Is This Where You Wish To Be? Your Numerology Vibrations for September 17, 2014

Turning from the philosophical views of yesterday, it's full speed ahead in the work world today. All of life can not be about introspection. Sometimes, we have to deal with the everyday necessities, like a job.

8 asks, "What do you wish to work at in life?" and 6 follows with "It's gotta be something you love." 

Somewhere along the way, each generation told the one after that "Just take something, don't have to love what you do. Just do it." And off we went, choosing a profession for its financial value as opposed to what made us happy to wake up in the mornings. We learned to live within its means and then didn't want to leave the security we became addicted to. 

Morning after morning, many continue to return to something that they despise hoping that it will improve but instead, adding to the focus it offers. 

September, 2014 is giving us the opportunity to ask ourselves what we would like to do. We'll return to this…

Rarely In A Lifetime. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 15, 2014


Nine days have passed since this vibration visited us and we'll visit it yet again this month on the 24th.
For September, 2014, we're being asked to really delve into the relationships we are involved with (personal, family, friends, business, etc.) They can also be past relationships that are no longer in our lives. Teamed up with the vibration of the Master Teacher, we're be asked "what is/was the lesson?"

If everyone is a teacher that comes into our lives, what have or did you learn from each one? Be honest as no one has to read your thoughts. What can you take to the next relationship that may be similar? Or would you get involved with one that is similar again? 
Remember also, that you are a teacher for them. No relationship is one sided with one person experiencing all the lessons. They are getting something from you as well.
And just because a person pulled away, doesn't mean you failed. We're all together for a reason, a season, but rarely a l…

I Need New Friends! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 14, 2014


Have you ever announced those words - even to the ceiling? Chances are then, you do. 

The 5 of change address the 3 of friendship and asks, "How is it working for you?" If it's not, it may be time to look at those surrounding you and make appropriate plans. 

First comes the hard part of stepping outside the box, and wondering if it's all them or is some of it you? Do you make relationships that become "all about you?" If you're honest when it does, a lot of that can be rectified and you'll be on the road to changing your life that includes others.

And then we must look at each individual as a teacher that has walked into our lives. What are they teaching us? Friendships and relationships rarely last with that initial emotion into the "death do us part" category. And this is where the double 5s will have us questioning what we wish to do with them. If our needs are met, we can forge strong ties. If you feel you could w…

The Security of Home. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 13, 2014


4 and 2 - the numbers that surround a loving home. 

Before we begin, realize that a loving home doesn't have to include other people. It can encompass the home of just one individual.

Today, look at your surroundings. What do you like about it? What do you not like about it? Does it provide the security that you want? Do you have a sense of security there?

Many situations can occur that shake your sense of security and/or stability. If that is the case, but you can't magically change it all on the spot, today, consider Sacred Space.

Take a place in your home that you feel comfortable. It may be a small room; it may be just a corner of a room, but make it comfortable. Clear it out and begin with a comfortable chair, a small table or two, and then possessions that make you smile. Refrain from putting items that are bitter-sweet or generate feelings of "I wish I had..." in there. This is YOUR space

Do not put bills, newspapers, computers, cell phones, or broken items…

Win The Oscar! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 12, 2014


"Hooray for Hollywood That screwy ballyhooey Hollywood
Where any office boy or young mechanic can be a panic With just a good looking pan And any barmaid can be a star maid If she dances with or without a fan" (Whiting-Mercer, "Hooray For Hollywood, 1937)

Did you know that Hollywood breaks down to the number 3? Yes! And 3 is also the number of the actor, the artist, along with the communicator. 
And why should acting be so important? Because there are times that we must have a conversation, an interview, deal with something difficult and challenging with our words, and inside we feel that tug of anxiety. It would be nice to be able to tell the world, "don't be fearful; don't be anxious. Just do it." Good for that idea - won't always happen. 
However, if you have to have one of these encounters today, tapping into the 3s ability to act can sometimes help get through the experience. You don't have to be animated, or off the wall (though the 3 can d…

Go With Your Gut Feeling! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 11, 2014


When the day's vibration and the attitude number add up to one and the same (in this case, 11/11), "what you see is what you get." In other words, the master number 11 is well and strong today.
Regardless of what some believe the 11 means (no, it has nothing to do with receiving money as the 2 is the worst number for money management), it does have everything to do with encouraging, promoting, and building up those around you. It asks us to be the best that we can be and to bring that trait out in other people.
Combining with the 9, it's really asking us to take a day to practice humanitarianism (concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare).
You don't have to have a huge savings account or paycheck to practice humanitarianism. It can be as simple as taking a day not to criticize your fellow man, to look with love at all people and events as opposed to fear, and to give truthful compliment where needed. Sometimes, the people we need to touch first are …

Decisions - Decisions! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 10, 2014


Decisions - Decisions! Need to make one? There will be several days this month whereby the numbers add up to the Decision Maker. Of the strongest, 1 and 8 top the list. Today, we have both of them. 
The three numbers featured above really don't need anyone's assistance or input either. They are independent vibrations that would just as soon do it on their own. If you need to consult with others for a final outcome, walk into the conversation with less emotion as in a business transaction. Otherwise, these three can really rock n' roll while arguing and that's probably not the outcome you wish to experience.
These are also action numbers. They don't procrastinate and they will take some sort of move forward. Neither do they wish to be bored.
So, if you need to accomplish anything today (decision making or actual hands-on chore), grab onto this vibration and go after it!

Co-Creating Your Life. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 9, 2014

An interesting combination of numbers this month! 

Though considered a challenge to each other, the 7 and 9 do have one thing in common. 

The 9 can bring out the ability for us to see into the past (sometimes the far past if one believes in reincarnation) and the wisdom that we learned from those years gone by. The 7 is the spiritual seeker who is also the detective. It's the psychiatrist, psychologist, and analyzer. 

Whether you believe in reincarnation and that all time is linear or occurring simultaneously, spend a few moments today contemplating the gifts and lessons you believe or feel you have brought forward into this lifetime. How did they help or hinder you? Can you change it? There are those who believe you can. There's a thought to Google.

If reincarnation is not your belief system, you only need to look at your life now. The lessons we need to learn are always with us. And you have learned some. What are they? And how will they enhance your future? How can you ex…

If You Don't Love It - Your Numerology Vibrations for September 8, 2014


The work week  begins with an appropriate combination of numbers. With the 8s of finance and the 6 which takes care of its customer base, there's a good chance of bringing in new customers - if we treat them right.

If you're not working outside your home, this is still an opportunity to look at the financial situation around you. Do you need a different job? Do you need to consolidate your accounts or pay a bill? Perhaps you need to start a savings account (you don't have to have a lot of money to begin). Today is a good time to do all of these things. 
If you're considering beginning a home-based business, here's your opportunity to get things moving (action word). 8 is the great decision maker and 6 also has a knack for business (just not for investments). The 6, however, will tell you to choose a profession that you LOVE. if you don't love it, you won't make money at it and you'll despise going to work everyday. 

Messages In The Wind...In Nature. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 7, 2014


Most appropriate for a Sunday morning as so many have a Sunday observance or day off. 

If you don't have a Sunday observance, or practice one within yourself or home, consider that the 1, 7 and 5 reduce stress within their cerebral (it's-always-thinking) minds by getting out in nature. Even if it is only a veranda in an apartment building, you can make it into your nature safe-haven. If you've never thought about doing that, start today. 

Don't use artificial plants - choose life. Choose real life. If your budget is tight, I know you're online reading this - surf for creative methods of replanting or planting. Everyone has something they don't need and can plant in. Take hearty houseplants outside with you (if weather permits). Sweep it, design it, make it your own. 

And then today, find time to sit. It doesn't even have to be designed first. Go outside and sit. Listen to the wildlife, the insects, the birds. Watch the leaves. Take out a wind chime. Make…

Relationships and the Master Teacher. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 6, 2014


The Master Teacher wants to talk about...relationships. And it's going to ask it of us several times this month. Whether it's family, friends, business, or community, this is a heavy vibration. Which way will your message go? I cannot say. What do you need to learn?

Perhaps it's one of the past, or one that is present. Perhaps it will be one that will transpire in the future and the Teacher is asking you to set your intentions now.

With the two 2s of 22, you can be assured that it's telling you to trust your gut feelings. The teacher will also ask you to listen. So if you're not used to that procedure, you can begin today. Find a place that's away from others. You don't have to make it special;  you can even take  your coffee/tea cup with you. Outside in nature is best - sit, stand, or walk. Observe the trees. Listen to the sound of water, Hear the crickets or other insects in your area. Relax. Let your mind drift. Just be. And then the hardest part of…

Lay Low...Your Numerology Vibrations for September 5, 2014


Whether it's an internal or external journey we're needing/wanting, today's the vibration that will push us towards it.

Both 3 and 5 despise boredom and they enjoy the spontaneity of life. Under this vibration, we want it and we want it now.

If it's been a change you've wanted to implement, you'll discover more of a desire today. You may even choose to make final decisions, though this is not the best day for it (yesterday and tomorrow were/are your better vibrations).

And when it comes to the checkbook, keep a firm grip on it. Just because there are checks still in the book doesn't mean there's money in the account.

So what can we do with this vibration? Ride it out. Lay low. Walk. Travel. Go for a ride. Watch adventure packed movies. And wait until tomorrow when life slows down.

In Need of Nesting? Your Numerology Vibrations for September 4, 2014


Feel like nesting? Perhaps you will under this vibration. 

As social numbers, we're looking at relationships (2) centering around the Home (4). And of course, that doesn't always have to center on another person, if we've chosen to remain solitary in life. But if we miss the thought of someone to share our homes, this vibration tugs at our heartstrings.

It can also mean how we view our security and stability in the place we call our Castle.

Perhaps we're not enjoying our Castle - good vibration to look for a new one and/or sell the old one. Perhaps we're not enjoying the workings of our Castle. Take this opportunity to change it. The 4 is great with checks and balances, pros and cons, and list organization. But in all that assigning of tasks, do it with a loving heart (2). The Military Officer (4) doesn't always have to be present.

When the 4 appears, it's also a good time to study something you've wanted to check out. It's not fiction time - it&#…

Communication - Keep It Enjoyable! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 3, 2014


If communication is in your business life or if you're needing to have that all important conversation with someone, today is a good day. With the two 3s in the mix and 1 as a Life Path Number, we're needing/wanting to talk. 
It can be a plus in the business world as we push ourselves a little more to make those sales. But in personal relationships, we may come across a bit strong, bordering on demands if we don't watch our words. 
Whatever you need to pursue in the area of communication, artistry, photography, painting, writing, sales, and/or acting, pull out the stops today. Remember to keep it enjoyable and playful! 

Magick In The Early Morning Darkness. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 2, 2014


This combination reminds me of the High Priestess in Tarot - high in intuition, heavy in understanding, yet the answers aren't always immediately apparent.

Why? Because both the lessons of the 2 and 9 say, "Look at where you've been". "Hone your intuitive skills." "What do you feel?" "Trust and believe..."

Not all "understanding" is a negative, so do not trust that every response that pops into your mind, opposite of what you wish to hear, is an absolute. You'll know if it is because you'll feel it in your heart. The still, small voice within does not yell or scream and it does not judge. And if it not exactly what you wish to hear, there will be answers for your continued questions.

Today, ask the questions you need answers to and then listen. The key will be listening. So often, we have created a life of noisiness and silence is a premium. But like the High Priestess in the photo there is nothing like the early mo…

Git 'Er Done! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 1, 2014


We begin our double month! Whatever your personal year is this year, this month reflects the same number. For example, if you're in a personal 5 year as I am, September will be a personal 5 month in a personal 5 year. It can make for interesting living. 
How do you know what year you're in? Take the month you were born, and change it to it's calendar number (January equals 1, February equals 2, all the way to December which equals 12). Write it down. Beside that, write the day you were born (1-31). Now, write 2014. In my case, I was born on June 1st, so it will look like: 6+1+2+0+1+4=14; take the sum (14) and reduce it to one number - 1+4=5. Yes, in this case, you can reduce the master numbers of 11, 22, and 33.

So with that in mind, let's begin. 
Are you in a personal 1 year? Today, you have it quadrupled. Things could be a bit isolating as you become the master of your fate. You know exactly what you want and having a bit more solitary time this month to accomplis…