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Can You Hear Me? Your Numerology Vibrations for September 25, 2014


Analysis and research. It's not all about the spiritual seeker when it comes to the number 7. We're questioning and don't mind looking for the answers. 

  • Why Am I Here?
  • What Is My Purpose?
  • Where Is This All Leading?

These are the questions of the 7. And they don't mentally rest until they find an answer they can live with. The vibration of the 5 will only encourage it, especially if these questions have not been adequately answered. But unlike those with 7s heavily in their numerical blueprint, you will most likely let it go tomorrow. 

A quieter day within, we watch those around us with interest. What are we feeling? If we can't understand their words, it's not unusual that during this time that we listen to our gut feelings. 

People tend to be a bit more isolated during this vibration. Not to worry.  With double 7s, we all need a little alone time to gather our thoughts. Communication by telepathy. In fact, as a double 7 on a double 7 day, I wonder why I need to write a blog. Can't we all feel each other's thoughts? That is one of the gifts of the 7.