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Co-Creating Your Life. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 9, 2014


An interesting combination of numbers this month! 

Though considered a challenge to each other, the 7 and 9 do have one thing in common. 

The 9 can bring out the ability for us to see into the past (sometimes the far past if one believes in reincarnation) and the wisdom that we learned from those years gone by. The 7 is the spiritual seeker who is also the detective. It's the psychiatrist, psychologist, and analyzer. 

Whether you believe in reincarnation and that all time is linear or occurring simultaneously, spend a few moments today contemplating the gifts and lessons you believe or feel you have brought forward into this lifetime. How did they help or hinder you? Can you change it? There are those who believe you can. There's a thought to Google.

If reincarnation is not your belief system, you only need to look at your life now. The lessons we need to learn are always with us. And you have learned some. What are they? And how will they enhance your future? How can you expand the knowledge you have?

Concentrate (7) on the positives, spend little on the negatives (except for constructive planning), and know that you are co-creating (9) your life.