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Decisions - Decisions! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 10, 2014


Decisions - Decisions! Need to make one? There will be several days this month whereby the numbers add up to the Decision Maker. Of the strongest, 1 and 8 top the list. Today, we have both of them. 

The three numbers featured above really don't need anyone's assistance or input either. They are independent vibrations that would just as soon do it on their own. If you need to consult with others for a final outcome, walk into the conversation with less emotion as in a business transaction. Otherwise, these three can really rock n' roll while arguing and that's probably not the outcome you wish to experience.

These are also action numbers. They don't procrastinate and they will take some sort of move forward. Neither do they wish to be bored.

So, if you need to accomplish anything today (decision making or actual hands-on chore), grab onto this vibration and go after it!