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Don't Look Back! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 23, 2014


Antsy - jittery - looking to the physical side of life....boredom need not knock on our doors today!

We're changing, moving, wanting to take on the world as the two fidgety numbers of Numerology join forces. We're just not wanting the same ol', same ol'. 

However, if you're in a position whereby a quiet, solitary state must be maintained (stuck in an office, sick in bed, etc.), consider a few photos or books on travel. Surf the web for faraway places or videos of action packed adventures. You can live out your wanderlust through the eyes of others. 

For those who believe a big change is needed in their lives, you can certainly set your intentions today. There is nothing stationary about this vibration! Make your mental/verbal decision today and don't look back.