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Enjoy the Feeling. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 19, 2014


It's full steam ahead in the decision department. This September, 2104 has us reviewing everything about our lives and allowing us the opportunity to move in a different direction or carry on with our much wanted plans.

And though the 8 can have us looking at our careers/jobs, it's also another hard hitter in the decision section. The 1 and 8, though neutral vibrations to each other, know exactly how to make up their minds...yesterday! Neither one of them needs your permission to move on a thought and they can really turn the tides of where they wish to be.

Though not a fuzzy, feely vibration, this is a good time to take your ideas and make them happen. 8 does have a tender spot under that huge brick exterior. So tap into that gift, sit for a few moments, close  your eyes and FEEL what it would be like to receive the answer to that much needed want you have be thinking about. 

Some would say, "Ask, and ye shall receive." No...FEEL and ye shall receive. Enjoy the feeling and don't second guess it. Enjoy the feeling and then continue the day without saying, "Yeah, but...." Be grateful for the feeling...and visualize/feel what it is like. That's how it works.