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I Need New Friends! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 14, 2014



Have you ever announced those words - even to the ceiling? Chances are then, you do. 

The 5 of change address the 3 of friendship and asks, "How is it working for you?" If it's not, it may be time to look at those surrounding you and make appropriate plans. 

First comes the hard part of stepping outside the box, and wondering if it's all them or is some of it you? Do you make relationships that become "all about you?" If you're honest when it does, a lot of that can be rectified and you'll be on the road to changing your life that includes others.

And then we must look at each individual as a teacher that has walked into our lives. What are they teaching us? Friendships and relationships rarely last with that initial emotion into the "death do us part" category. And this is where the double 5s will have us questioning what we wish to do with them. If our needs are met, we can forge strong ties. If you feel you could wake up tomorrow and walk away from everyone and everything, then this day is for you. You'll have a few more days as well this month, encouraging you to reassess those you interact with.