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In Need of Nesting? Your Numerology Vibrations for September 4, 2014


Feel like nesting? Perhaps you will under this vibration. 

As social numbers, we're looking at relationships (2) centering around the Home (4). And of course, that doesn't always have to center on another person, if we've chosen to remain solitary in life. But if we miss the thought of someone to share our homes, this vibration tugs at our heartstrings.

It can also mean how we view our security and stability in the place we call our Castle.

Perhaps we're not enjoying our Castle - good vibration to look for a new one and/or sell the old one. Perhaps we're not enjoying the workings of our Castle. Take this opportunity to change it. The 4 is great with checks and balances, pros and cons, and list organization. But in all that assigning of tasks, do it with a loving heart (2). The Military Officer (4) doesn't always have to be present.

When the 4 appears, it's also a good time to study something you've wanted to check out. It's not fiction time - it's non-fiction, documentary time. Perhaps you will find your answers within books, ebooks, YouTube videos, surfing the web, and/or newspapers. It won't matter as long as you strive to discover new opportunities, new ways of doing things, and answers to questions.

Enjoy the calmness of the day. Tomorrow, we're going to shake it up.