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Is This Where You Wish To Be? Your Numerology Vibrations for September 17, 2014


Turning from the philosophical views of yesterday, it's full speed ahead in the work world today. All of life can not be about introspection. Sometimes, we have to deal with the everyday necessities, like a job.

8 asks, "What do you wish to work at in life?" and 6 follows with "It's gotta be something you love." 

Somewhere along the way, each generation told the one after that "Just take something, don't have to love what you do. Just do it." And off we went, choosing a profession for its financial value as opposed to what made us happy to wake up in the mornings. We learned to live within its means and then didn't want to leave the security we became addicted to. 

Morning after morning, many continue to return to something that they despise hoping that it will improve but instead, adding to the focus it offers. 

September, 2014 is giving us the opportunity to ask ourselves what we would like to do. We'll return to this once again this month. Take the time to evaluate if this is where you really wish to be. Make decisions today. Begin taking steps.