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Just Say It. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 30, 2014


Just Say It

The great communicator (3) is here in duplicate and the action 1 is here to back him up. 

On this last day of September, the Universe is giving us a gift. The gift of communication. What needs to be said? What do you want to say? This is the day. It may be spoken, it may be written, or it may even be painted (the artist). 

The kicker will be that the person you say it to may not respond in the way you'd hoped. They may not say anything at all. But at least you will know that they received the message. That's all you can hope for. And if your words are rejected, you walk away with the knowledge that at least you were able to say how your felt. 

Today, speak out into the Universe what you wish to see return to you.

And on that note - get ready for October, 2014, where we ALL get a glimpse of our 2015. And if October, 2014 is a bit rough, remember! You now have the tools you'll need to mellow out the year ahead with appropriate decisions and actions.