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Lay Low...Your Numerology Vibrations for September 5, 2014


Whether it's an internal or external journey we're needing/wanting, today's the vibration that will push us towards it.

Both 3 and 5 despise boredom and they enjoy the spontaneity of life. Under this vibration, we want it and we want it now.

If it's been a change you've wanted to implement, you'll discover more of a desire today. You may even choose to make final decisions, though this is not the best day for it (yesterday and tomorrow were/are your better vibrations).

And when it comes to the checkbook, keep a firm grip on it. Just because there are checks still in the book doesn't mean there's money in the account.

So what can we do with this vibration? Ride it out. Lay low. Walk. Travel. Go for a ride. Watch adventure packed movies. And wait until tomorrow when life slows down.