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Magick In The Early Morning Darkness. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 2, 2014


This combination reminds me of the High Priestess in Tarot - high in intuition, heavy in understanding, yet the answers aren't always immediately apparent.

Why? Because both the lessons of the 2 and 9 say, "Look at where you've been". "Hone your intuitive skills." "What do you feel?" "Trust and believe..."

Not all "understanding" is a negative, so do not trust that every response that pops into your mind, opposite of what you wish to hear, is an absolute. You'll know if it is because you'll feel it in your heart. The still, small voice within does not yell or scream and it does not judge. And if it not exactly what you wish to hear, there will be answers for your continued questions.

Today, ask the questions you need answers to and then listen. The key will be listening. So often, we have created a life of noisiness and silence is a premium. But like the High Priestess in the photo there is nothing like the early morning (or evening) darkness --taking a few minutes outside on the deck/porch to listen. 

Ask - Listen - Believe.