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Rarely In A Lifetime. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 15, 2014


Nine days have passed since this vibration visited us and we'll visit it yet again this month on the 24th.

For September, 2014, we're being asked to really delve into the relationships we are involved with (personal, family, friends, business, etc.) They can also be past relationships that are no longer in our lives. Teamed up with the vibration of the Master Teacher, we're be asked "what is/was the lesson?" 

If everyone is a teacher that comes into our lives, what have or did you learn from each one? Be honest as no one has to read your thoughts. What can you take to the next relationship that may be similar? Or would you get involved with one that is similar again? 

Remember also, that you are a teacher for them. No relationship is one sided with one person experiencing all the lessons. They are getting something from you as well.

And just because a person pulled away, doesn't mean you failed. We're all together for a reason, a season, but rarely a lifetime. Today, which ones will you nurture? And which ones will you change in your mind from "failure" to "a teacher that you met along the way?"