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Relationships and the Master Teacher. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 6, 2014


The Master Teacher wants to talk about...relationships. And it's going to ask it of us several times this month. Whether it's family, friends, business, or community, this is a heavy vibration. Which way will your message go? I cannot say. What do you need to learn?

Perhaps it's one of the past, or one that is present. Perhaps it will be one that will transpire in the future and the Teacher is asking you to set your intentions now.

With the two 2s of 22, you can be assured that it's telling you to trust your gut feelings. The teacher will also ask you to listen. So if you're not used to that procedure, you can begin today. Find a place that's away from others. You don't have to make it special;  you can even take  your coffee/tea cup with you. Outside in nature is best - sit, stand, or walk. Observe the trees. Listen to the sound of water, Hear the crickets or other insects in your area. Relax. Let your mind drift. Just be. And then the hardest part of all - trust. 

You may not receive a flowering speech,  You may just receive a picture. A vision. You might observe something outside that gets your attention. Don't second guess it. Just believe. 

We'll have several of these vibrations this month. The next will be on the 15th.