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The Earth Is Offering A...Soul Mate! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 20, 2014


WOW! What a combo in this one! The Earth has a Soul Mate vibration today - how about you?

Before we all get excited about the prospect, remember Soul Mates come in two forms: those you'll intensely love and those you'll intensely dislike! And they both offer the same thing in the end - big lessons! Are you up for it? Do you want it? 

So why do we have Soul Mates? Because there's something huge we need to learn. If it's a lover situation, that intense chemistry we share binds us together for what's coming up. These are folks we formed an agreement with before this lifetime to experience more than just a love connection. It's on fire, it feels like once in a lifetime, and then the Universe hauls out the big guns. Still up for it? What we wish for is the ability to twist and turn on the journey together, growing together, and coming out on top.

They are not always a romantic connection, but the relationship is incredibly close. We expect more from each other and it might feel like a forever friendship. They come in all forms: a personal friend, a co-worker, a relative, a neighbor. 

And sometimes, the Universe just smiles down upon us and offers us the ride for free, but not too often. Perhaps they are in our lives because they will be our support for another major event in our lives. 

Soul Mates - life would be so boring without them.