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The Security of Home. Your Numerology Vibrations for September 13, 2014


4 and 2 - the numbers that surround a loving home. 

Before we begin, realize that a loving home doesn't have to include other people. It can encompass the home of just one individual. 

Today, look at your surroundings. What do you like about it? What do you not like about it? Does it provide the security that you want? Do you have a sense of security there?

Many situations can occur that shake your sense of security and/or stability. If that is the case, but you can't magically change it all on the spot, today, consider Sacred Space.

Take a place in your home that you feel comfortable. It may be a small room; it may be just a corner of a room, but make it comfortable. Clear it out and begin with a comfortable chair, a small table or two, and then possessions that make you smile. Refrain from putting items that are bitter-sweet or generate feelings of "I wish I had..." in there. This is YOUR space

Do not put bills, newspapers, computers, cell phones, or broken items in this space. They only bring negativity. This is a space of positive energy. Place colors that make you feel alive around you. Visit  your space often. Enjoy what you have created. Leave it when you must deal with the world and it's challenges, keeping it a positive corner.

With time, you will discover that your "Sacred Space" grows and expands as you mentally and emotionally move it further throughout the house. Sacred Space - the first step in creating a loving home.