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Win The Oscar! Your Numerology Vibrations for September 12, 2014


"Hooray for Hollywood
That screwy ballyhooey Hollywood
Where any office boy or young mechanic can be a panic
With just a good looking pan
And any barmaid can be a star maid
If she dances with or without a fan" (Whiting-Mercer, "Hooray For Hollywood, 1937)

Did you know that Hollywood breaks down to the number 3? Yes! And 3 is also the number of the actor, the artist, along with the communicator. 

And why should acting be so important? Because there are times that we must have a conversation, an interview, deal with something difficult and challenging with our words, and inside we feel that tug of anxiety. It would be nice to be able to tell the world, "don't be fearful; don't be anxious. Just do it." Good for that idea - won't always happen. 

However, if you have to have one of these encounters today, tapping into the 3s ability to act can sometimes help get through the experience. You don't have to be animated, or off the wall (though the 3 can do that), but go for the gold and win the Oscar. Sometimes we just need that added "umph" to accomplish it.

And when the day is done, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. The 3 loves lively conversation, a good comedy movie, fun food, fun music, fun whatever you can think of. And rewarding oneself at the end of the day is right up their alley!