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I Can See The Lights In The Distance. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 31, 2014

All Hallow's Eve and we're visited by the 4 and 3 - a combination of learning/study, home, business, playfulness, laughter, and artistry. 

As I see it, almost anything goes! Make the best of all areas of your life. Enjoy creativity, enjoy each other.  And if you will be joining in the Vision Board quest for November, today's a good time to add to it or start. 
And with that I shall return tomorrow to begin the doubles as I will being doing readings today. You can also listen in or call for a reading this evening at
I leave you with this video and these words:
"All Soul's Night"
Bonfires dot the rolling hills
Figures dance around and around
To drums that pulse out echoes of darkness
Moving to the pagan sound.

Somewhere in a hidden memory
Images float before my eyes
Of fragrant nights of straw and of bonfires
And dancing till the next sunrise.

I can s…

If You Don't Have Something Good To Say...Your Numerology Vibrations for October 30, 2014

Let your words be kind today.  Let your communications be of benefit to you. If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it at all.

Our communications are centered around the Master Number 11 and we're looking for interactions that serve our Highest and Best Good. We're also looking to the highest and best good of others.

That doesn't mean that one should be a doormat and not speak their mind, but the choice of words and how they are presented today are important

This is also a great vibration to talk to the Universe. Set your intentions. Speak them aloud, whether you're in your living room or outside on the porch. Let the Universe know where you're headed. 

And if you are utilizing a Vision Board** for the month of November, continue adding the pictures of those things you wish to manifest. Vision Boards are also a form of communication to the Universe.
**Begin your Vision Board this month. We'll be using it for the month of November when the d…

Refocusing The Challenges! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 29, 2014

The 1s have it today.

Even though the 11 can be broken down to a 2, sometimes Numerology is a series of pealing back the numbers. And with all the 1s (even if they are in the background), there's a lot of determination around our lives with this combo.

The phrase to keep in mind is Highest & Best Good for Yourself & Others. 
Sacrifice is not a part of this equation. So often I hear, "we must sacrifice ourselves for the good of others." What good will you produce to your environment and your health if your focus and general being emits misery? Misery creates more misery. What good will you teach your children about relationships (business/personal) if your life continually speaks of being sad and lonely with others? What good will you generate if you hate your job?

It's not always about throwing in the towel and walking out on everything. But if you choose to stay in any profession or relationship, then a refocusing (1) is in order. And if this involves ano…

The Evidence of Things Not Seen. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 28, 2014

Beginnings/EndingsScience/FaithIndependent/Community OrientedCold Facts/Wisdom From The Past

We're winding up the month and today, we'll begin looking at those pictures on our Vision Boards** and focusing on them (1). 

We're leaving the past projects behind (9) as they no longer serve our highest and best good (11) or we have accomplished them. They no longer need our focus.

Today is a combination of determination/goal setting (1) and faith in those things unseen (9). 

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1
How strong can you believe?  It's a day of manifestations and the planting seeds for future manifestations. Mind your thoughts and words wisely. 

If you're working with the November Vision Board, choose more pictures, or begin creating one. There is no limit to how many pictures you can have - 1 or 100. It's up to you.

**Begin your Vision Board this month. We'll be using it for the month of November …

Own The Decision. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 27, 2014


A continuation of yesterday, we're wrapping up all the projects we want out of the way as we take on the last two months of 2014. 
Do you have final decisions to make about your job, home, family, relationship status, people in your life, hobbies/interests, etc.? 
It's another great vibration to put things in order. These are topics you've been thinking about for a very long time and if you admit it, you've already been focusing on the solution all year. It's time to own the decision you're making. 
Today - own the decision. Claim it for yourself. Find the photos associated with it and place it on your Vision Board ** for the month of November. We'll be working on it further at that time.
**Begin your Vision Board this month. We'll be using it for the month of November when the double numbers begin. Remember: You don't have to have cardboard - you can stick your pictures on a glass window, refrigerator, or filing cabinet - wherever you'll see …

Prioritize! Your Numerology Vibration for October 26, 2014


Too many irons in the fire? The busy bee of astrology and numerology (8) can sometimes feel that way. With the great analyzer (7) in the mix, it's time to prioritize (9). What stays and what leaves?

It is said that "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" and many of us find ourselves in that role due to all types of circumstances. If the work you are involved in takes all your time and you or your family lack from your presence, perhaps this applies to you. 
What projects are you involved in that need to be set aside or given to someone else to take over? For the next two days, priorities will be looked at and decisions can be made. 
You may wish to incorporate it into your vision board - place a picture or words that show the releasing of those positions you wish to pass on. The words do not have to be large, just noticeable.
Today - Prioritize for the good of yourself and those around you.

Halloween Night Readings at 1 Woman's Wisdom

HALLOWEEN! I'll be online to supply callers (and listeners) with Halloween Readings! What's your question? Give a call 323-657-0904! (You can call across Skype).

Get Out Your Glue & Scissors! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 25, 2014


Shall we get creative this morning?
With the 7's ability to engage in a little detective work, and the 6's design ability, this is  great day to create the Vision Board in preparation for November's doubles.

To make a vision board takes little to no funds (8), and you can use whatever you have around the house (construction cardboard, a cork board, dry erase board, or even a piece of binder paper). Utilizing magazines, newspapers, the Internet, or even your own drawing designs (6), search for and cut out those photos of words, people, places, and/or things you wish to manifest in your life.Arrange the photos on the board/paper of your choice with any type of sticking substance.Place it in a location that you can look at and look at often. 

You may wish to make two copies so that you have one for home and office but one in a frequent, strategic location will work nicely 
On that note, I join the rest of my readers and will create one for myself. 

Make a Vision Board and Hold On! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 24 2014.


Let's get ready for the doubles this week by taking advantage of this 6/5 vibration. What are the doubles? November, 2014 will present us with double numbers every day and the desire to do anything will have us chomping at the bit.
So in the area of domestic home and relationships, where do you wish to be? With the 7 in the midst of the two, it's time. It's time to improve, change, to make different, to bring about. Under the energies of the heavens, set your intentions TODAY, if you haven't already. 
Walk outside and announce it to the Universe. Make a vision board, cutting out photos reflecting what you want in the area of home and relationships (that can include decorating as well). When you're finished, place it someplace you can view it and view it often.
Then! Begin the process. No one can do it for you. If you begin now, you'll have a leg up when the energies of November begin. Have fun!

The Change That Enhances. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 23, 2014

Today, we're considering the changes in our lives over the past year. But hopefully, not too much. The 4 of review (teacher/student) continues today, but in a different prominent position. With the 5 of change joining it, it will become too easy to concentrate perhaps on the changes we didn't want to see in 2014.

And many times the 5 (with this theme of change) brings with it a lot of uncertainty and not knowing.
Instead of looking back, look forward. How will those changes enhance your 2015? 
Today, look at the best of October, 2014 because it's going to stay with you (at least the theme of it) through 2015! Concentrate on the positive, let go of the negative.

Time of Review. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 22, 2014

The last back-to-back Master Number combo for the month of October asks us to do many things, one of which is review.
As posted at the beginning of the month, October, 2014 will give you a preview of your personal 2015. Today, with the Master Teacher (22) in a prominent position, review the good and challenging aspects you have experienced. What did you learn from each?
Rejoice in the happy times of October and do not be discouraged by the challenging opportunities. In your review session today, write down constructive methods of getting through those events you deemed upsetting. These will come in handy next year when you encounter similar instances. 
The 5, though only an attitude number, may give feel to the idea that all of life is changing. But then, all of life does change, even if we don't notice or change doesn't occur quickly enough. 
It's a day of reflection; it's a day of communication between you and the heavens. Use it to your advantage.

Good Vibrations! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 20, 2014.

The easiness of the 2, 3, 1 has returned one last time this month. How is it going thus far for you this month? 
Take a break and begin or wrap up those projects that you love! Yes! 2 is the number of love/harmony and it's a day to work towards any thing you love
Looking for love? The 1 knows what it wants and if you do as well, either pursue it or set your intentions. With the 2, it will be easy to feel the goal - feel what it will be like to accomplish it. (Your feeling will create what you visualize.)
Another fantastic vibration you can take advantage of today is trusting your gut feelings on the decisions you make (1). Listen to your gut - listen to that inner voice. Write it down and then act upon it
All in all, it's a good vibrational day! Make it a good one.

Don't Stop Now! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 18, 2014


Wrapping up Home Repair!

We have another day this week whereby we're looking at all those little things around the house that need to be taken care of. If you're in the Northern hemisphere, you're preparing for winter. If you're in the Southern hemisphere, you're breaking through spring and heading for summer. 
Wherever you are, there are things to be done and what better time than a weekend for this vibration to land!
Perhaps you've been planning for months what you want to do. Start in! Maybe you have projects half completed. Finish them up! For some, the weather is not going to hold. Start on the outside first and work your way inside.

The 8 is not a procrastinator, so if you are, it will be knocking on the top of your head today. Take heed!
All in all, git 'er done!

You Might Just Be Surprised! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 17, 2014


Being a human, I always have a little bit of a challenge when the 8 comes around. Oh, not personally, but in Numerology, there are few expressions for the 8. It makes it interesting to come up with a blog writing.
For some, it means work, work, and more work. If you don't work outside your home, you may wonder what that has to do with you. Therein lies the challenge of those not in the business world. What do I do with an 8? 
Work around the house. The 8 LOVES looking good so even though I would think of the 4 and 6 as being more of the domestic worker, 8 is right up there with them saying, 

"Change the lightbulb - you know it's been out for 3 months."  "Take the screwdriver and tighten that door." 
"Put things away." "Wrap up that old cord and put it upstairs."

The 8 is not a procrastinator. It likes to get things done. And though not totally domestic as the 6, it wants its surroundings picked up and taken care of. 7 says, "Don'…

What Do You Feel? Your Numerology Vibrations for October 16, 2014


The change we felt surrounding relationships yesterday has us contemplating how to accomplish these changes.  What is best for us?
With the 6 of relationships still in a strong placement and joined by the analyzing 7, we'll be figuring out how to move towards our relationship goals. 
The 7 can get a bit overwhelmed with all the thinking they do, so if that happens today, walk out in nature. You can always just stand on the porch and breathe, if the weather is pleasant in your area of the world. 
7 also knows how to look within for the answers and listen to the still, small voice. It has the connection with the Divine, IF it doesn't over think the situation (which is not uncommon). 
Today, ask the questions. Wait for an answer. What do you feel?

The 5 Will Have Its Way. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 15, 2014


Yesterday offered us a change in home life, business, and/or studies. And with the back to back 5s we will encounter several times this month, we are now given the opportunity to change our relationships and/or their statuses.
For all the drama 5 can bring to any circumstance, there is a reason for the 5. It can shakes us, literally, to our core to move us in the direction that we should go. We all came to this Earth with a plan and that plan isn't necessarily what we're living. 
It's too easy to stay in "what is", whether it is a personal, or business relationship. Starting over is avoided at all cost because we fear the loss of finances, time invested, position, title, company, and/or things. We stay because of  the "what ifs" but the 5 will ultimately have its way or make us miserable trying. 
Today, look at those around you that need to stay or need to move forward. Perhaps it's you. Who surrounds  you for your highest and best good? Who is t…

Breathe! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 14, 2014


For the next two days, we've got the 5 in a prominent position, which can mean change, possible drama, and an overall alteration in lifestyle and/or emotions. 

Surrounding the number 4, we can expect that this will fall in the area of home, a home-based business, work, and/or studies. 
This 5 can be brought on by our own intentions, external weather sources, and/or others actions. But it is up to us how we'd like to react to each one. The 4 can be confident, organized, and able to handle most every situation (though not always calmly). 
If you find that today can be a bit topsy-turvy, take a page from the 4 - breathe, make out a pros & cons list, and take time in your decisions.

Taking Care of Business! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 13, 2014

Taking care of business! 
The 4 takes care of home, work, home office, studies, you name it. And in conjunction with the 3, communication is also going to be important.
In these areas of your life, what needs to be attended to today?
The 3 is the great communicator. So if you need to place an ad, make an appointment, place a telephone call, line up a repair, desktop publish anything for business or studies, clean the house, or organize a closet, this is your day to get it done. 
It may feel that there is a bit of drama surrounding your chores today (5), but the attitude number in any blueprint or day combo is an illusion, a facade, a mask we wear. So if you're feeling a bit edgy or nervous, chalk it up to something that really doesn't exist. However, that confident 4 does - hold onto it and go after what needs to be accomplished!

Compliments Welcomed! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 12, 2014

How has October been progressing for you?
Remember - this is a preview of the fun, positives, and challenges that you'll be faced with in 2015. With this knowledge, you'll know what you'll need to equip yourself with for the upcoming  year.
Yesterday we also had the 11 in a prominent numerical spot. Today, it's back again to give us another opportunity in the area of communication. Remember the phrase, "Keep your words soft and tender because tomorrow you may have to eat them."  This is a good day to practice it.

It's a particularly good day for humor in our conversations - another day of laughter. Keep it lighthearted and fun. No need for heavy-duty conversations. 
Compliments are welcomed under this combination! Don't let them be exaggerated, but do compliment each other in all sincerity. Besides, it adds smile value to those around you!

You Deserve All Good Things. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 11, 2014


On the 2nd of October, I mentioned this day being easy as 1, 2, 3. However, today we're looking at the 11 in the place of the 2. It still has the attributes of the 2 (love, peace, harmony, negotiations, mediation, caring, sharing, etc.), but it's also asking us to turn it a little inward (1).
The highest and best good of all.
That's the goal of the 11. But first, we also must be able to look into the mirror and see it within or for ourselves. 
Today's vibration asks you to look at what you deserve in life (yes, you deserve all good things). Acknowledge that even though you may not know how to accomplish the end result, you are willing to walk the path to get there. Just like the Fool in Tarot, the path there might be bumpy, but the results can be great.
Are you trying to finish up a project on this Saturday morning? The 1, 2, 3 or 11, 3, 1 is a great vibration to utilize to complete the task. 
A playful vibration, you may discover that there is just a lot more fun to…

Wrapping Up The Old. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 10, 2014


We're having another go atwrapping up the old and beginning the new. 9 & 1.
Compatible vibrations with each other, we're being asked not to forget that we have 3 good months left to 2014, but that we will now have the opportunity to make the best of it as we head towards another year.
Today - what do you need to let go of or complete? What do you wish to start anew? What needs to change so that you can accomplish the goals you need to complete for 2014? Take a step today. Make a call. Run an ad. Throw it away. Acquire it.

Put It In The Dog House! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 9, 2014


When 8 enters our vibrational plane, we could actually become overly conscious of our looks. The 8 really wants to look HOT and surround themselves with the same.

With the 9 joining forces, we're just plain tired of the same ol' same ol'. This is a great day to get your hair cut or styled, try on a new clothing design, and especially....get rid of EVERYTHING that doesn't make  you look like a star. And in looking like a star, 8 doesn't really like the Punk look (neither does the 9), so stay somewhat conservative in your choices.

You know what I'm talking about. It's that sweatshirt or fleece with all the paint stains you've been harboring in your closet for 5 years.  You're not wearing it. It looks poorly on you, and you know deep down you're not going to wear it in the next 10 years. If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is coming. Put it in the dog house for additional covering....

If you don't know what looks good on you, a…

It's Only An Illusion. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 8, 2014


On the day of the full moon, with a total lunar eclipse, numerically we are looking at business, finances, and health

Health can be spiritual, physical, and/or emotional. Joined by the 7 (the Spiritual Seeker), we may be doing some soul searching or investigation as to where we need to head. We're seeking that balance within our lives that "calms things down". With the 9 Attitude Number in the midst, it may feel as if all things are ending, but that's only an illusion.
We can take this eclipse and set our intentions, trust our gut feelings (7) and realize that no matter what happens, there is a golden lining that will appear astrologically and/or numerically (1/2/9) within 2 days. So, ride out the negative and await Friday's arrival before beginning to make a judgment call on what occurs today.

How Will I Sort It Out? Your Numerology Vibrations for October 7, 2014

Yesterday, we talked about the change in relationships that would transpire over this month. And with that will follow the 7/6 combo the following day which will have us asking, "Now, how do I sort out the decision I've made?
Research, analysis, and observation are a few of the 7's gifts. We will be given the vibration that says, "Where do I start?" and then the ability to research where we wish to go from there. 
We all have goals that we'd like to accomplish. And many times, this creates change among the people surrounding us. Today, we weigh out the future of our interactions with those around us and how to accomplish those things we need. Some will move on, some will give up the goal in lieu of friends and family, and some will figure out how to integrate it all together. 

It's a day of introspection.

Who Stays? Who Leaves? Your Numerology Vibrations for October 6, 2014


This month, we are going to see some changes in the relationships that surround us. Today will be the first day of several vibrations whereby we really take a look at who shares our life.

It's not so much about "changing others" (which never works), but who we decide to take with us through the rest of the year and into 2015. 

These relationships can be our family, friends, and/or co-workers. How are we wishing to change these for the better? As nothing lasts forever, the changing of relationships does not mean failure. It only means that we have played out our lessons with them. It's up to us to discover the lessons involved.

With the 7 in the midst, we'll spend some time today evaluating these relationships and beginning to come to conclusions.

Your Numerology Vibrations for October 3, 4, & 5th

October 3rd through October 5th, 2014
(October - a preview to your personal 2015 vibrations)
It's another three day weekend for me, so I'm posting this early. 

There are many aspects to the 3 - communication, artistry, sales, playfulness, travel, etc. And hooked up this Friday with the Master Number of 11, our focus should be expressing ourselves with the highest and best good for all.

We may not know exactly where we're headed today, but the one thing we can strive for is enjoyment. 3 says, "Take a break and enjoy yourself!" After a day of work, make it a family night, even if you're a solitary individual. Get out of the rut (3s dislike that) and do something different - even if you're just wanting a different type of DVD to watch. 

Give someone a call that you haven't talked to for awhile or drop them a line. Try letter writing and surprise someone!

Fix a different type of meal or go out for coffee - dessert. Laugh! Play! Travel! We all need to hav…

Easy as 1-2-3! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 2, 2014


It's as easy as 1-2-3. Remember that phrase? Today, we have the vibration that allows us to perform tasks easier, take life easier, talk to folks more freely, or interact on a personal basis easier. 
Hand in hand these three numbers go, with love, communication, commitment, laughter, and sometimes, determination. It's just one of those all-round, good vibrations whereby you can take what you need and use to your advantage. 
Perhaps you've been too busy lately. Grab onto this combo and take a much needed break! It'll be up to you today to choose where you'd like to be.

Previewing 2015. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 1, 2014


The beginning and ending. Wrapping up the old and beginning the new (much like the Fool in Tarot). 1 & 9.

Compatible vibrations with each other, we're being asked not to forget that we have 3 good months left to 2014, but that we will now have the opportunity to make the best of it as we head towards another year.

October, 2014 will give you a preview of your personal 2015 year. What you experience, will give you a "heads up" for what is about to come. If it's stressful, October will give you insight on the tools to utilize next year in order to reduce the stress. 

Today - what do you need to let go of? What do you wish to start anew? What needs to change so that you can accomplish the goals you need to complete for 2014? Take a step today. Make a call. Run an ad. Throw it away. Acquire it.