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Breathe! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 14, 2014


For the next two days, we've got the 5 in a prominent position, which can mean change, possible drama, and an overall alteration in lifestyle and/or emotions. 

Surrounding the number 4, we can expect that this will fall in the area of home, a home-based business, work, and/or studies. 

This 5 can be brought on by our own intentions, external weather sources, and/or others actions. But it is up to us how we'd like to react to each one. The 4 can be confident, organized, and able to handle most every situation (though not always calmly). 

If you find that today can be a bit topsy-turvy, take a page from the 4 - breathe, make out a pros & cons list, and take time in your decisions.