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Get Out Your Glue & Scissors! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 25, 2014


Shall we get creative this morning?

With the 7's ability to engage in a little detective work, and the 6's design ability, this is  great day to create the Vision Board in preparation for November's doubles.

  1. To make a vision board takes little to no funds (8), and you can use whatever you have around the house (construction cardboard, a cork board, dry erase board, or even a piece of binder paper). 
  2. Utilizing magazines, newspapers, the Internet, or even your own drawing designs (6), search for and cut out those photos of words, people, places, and/or things you wish to manifest in your life.
  3. Arrange the photos on the board/paper of your choice with any type of sticking substance.
  4. Place it in a location that you can look at and look at often. 

You may wish to make two copies so that you have one for home and office but one in a frequent, strategic location will work nicely 

On that note, I join the rest of my readers and will create one for myself.