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Good Vibrations! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 20, 2014.


The easiness of the 2, 3, 1 has returned one last time this month. How is it going thus far for you this month? 

Take a break and begin or wrap up those projects that you love! Yes! 2 is the number of love/harmony and it's a day to work towards any thing you love

Looking for love? The 1 knows what it wants and if you do as well, either pursue it or set your intentions. With the 2, it will be easy to feel the goal - feel what it will be like to accomplish it. (Your feeling will create what you visualize.)

Another fantastic vibration you can take advantage of today is trusting your gut feelings on the decisions you make (1). Listen to your gut - listen to that inner voice. Write it down and then act upon it

All in all, it's a good vibrational day! Make it a good one.