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It's Only An Illusion. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 8, 2014


On the day of the full moon, with a total lunar eclipse, numerically we are looking at business, finances, and health

Health can be spiritual, physical, and/or emotional. Joined by the 7 (the Spiritual Seeker), we may be doing some soul searching or investigation as to where we need to head. We're seeking that balance within our lives that "calms things down". With the 9 Attitude Number in the midst, it may feel as if all things are ending, but that's only an illusion.

We can take this eclipse and set our intentions, trust our gut feelings (7) and realize that no matter what happens, there is a golden lining that will appear astrologically and/or numerically (1/2/9) within 2 days. So, ride out the negative and await Friday's arrival before beginning to make a judgment call on what occurs today.