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Make a Vision Board and Hold On! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 24 2014.


Let's get ready for the doubles this week by taking advantage of this 6/5 vibration. What are the doubles? November, 2014 will present us with double numbers every day and the desire to do anything will have us chomping at the bit.

So in the area of domestic home and relationships, where do you wish to be? With the 7 in the midst of the two, it's time. It's time to improve, change, to make different, to bring about. Under the energies of the heavens, set your intentions TODAY, if you haven't already. 

Walk outside and announce it to the Universe. Make a vision board, cutting out photos reflecting what you want in the area of home and relationships (that can include decorating as well). When you're finished, place it someplace you can view it and view it often.

Then! Begin the process. No one can do it for you. If you begin now, you'll have a leg up when the energies of November begin. Have fun!