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Own The Decision. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 27, 2014


A continuation of yesterday, we're wrapping up all the projects we want out of the way as we take on the last two months of 2014. 

Do you have final decisions to make about your job, home, family, relationship status, people in your life, hobbies/interests, etc.? 

It's another great vibration to put things in order. These are topics you've been thinking about for a very long time and if you admit it, you've already been focusing on the solution all year. It's time to own the decision you're making. 

Today - own the decision. Claim it for yourself. Find the photos associated with it and place it on your Vision Board ** for the month of November. We'll be working on it further at that time.

**Begin your Vision Board this month. We'll be using it for the month of November when the double numbers begin. Remember: You don't have to have cardboard - you can stick your pictures on a glass window, refrigerator, or filing cabinet - wherever you'll see them the most......