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Previewing 2015. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 1, 2014


The beginning and ending. Wrapping up the old and beginning the new (much like the Fool in Tarot). 1 & 9.

Compatible vibrations with each other, we're being asked not to forget that we have 3 good months left to 2014, but that we will now have the opportunity to make the best of it as we head towards another year.

October, 2014 will give you a preview of your personal 2015 year. What you experience, will give you a "heads up" for what is about to come. If it's stressful, October will give you insight on the tools to utilize next year in order to reduce the stress. 

Today - what do you need to let go of? What do you wish to start anew? What needs to change so that you can accomplish the goals you need to complete for 2014? Take a step today. Make a call. Run an ad. Throw it away. Acquire it.