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Refocusing The Challenges! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 29, 2014


The 1s have it today.

Even though the 11 can be broken down to a 2, sometimes Numerology is a series of pealing back the numbers. And with all the 1s (even if they are in the background), there's a lot of determination around our lives with this combo.

The phrase to keep in mind is Highest & Best Good for Yourself & Others

Sacrifice is not a part of this equation. So often I hear, "we must sacrifice ourselves for the good of others." What good will you produce to your environment and your health if your focus and general being emits misery? Misery creates more misery. What good will you teach your children about relationships (business/personal) if your life continually speaks of being sad and lonely with others? What good will you generate if you hate your job?

It's not always about throwing in the towel and walking out on everything. But if you choose to stay in any profession or relationship, then a refocusing (1) is in order. And if this involves another person, realize they may not follow suit as quickly as you. You have to decide what is best for your health and well-being and what steps are needed to accomplish it. 

Think you may know? GREAT! This is the beginning of your refocusing.

We're making Vision Boards** for the Double Numbers of November. If you wish to join, and you have a determined focus on creating a particular aspect of your life, find a photo online, print it out, cut it out and stick it where you can see it. I just added another one this morning!

**Begin your Vision Board this month. We'll be using it for the month of November when the double numbers bring strong manifestation vibrations. Remember: You don't have to have cardboard - you can stick your pictures on a glass window, refrigerator, or filing cabinet - wherever you'll see them the most......