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Taking Care of Business! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 13, 2014


Taking care of business! 

The 4 takes care of home, work, home office, studies, you name it. And in conjunction with the 3, communication is also going to be important.

In these areas of your life, what needs to be attended to today?

The 3 is the great communicator. So if you need to place an ad, make an appointment, place a telephone call, line up a repair, desktop publish anything for business or studies, clean the house, or organize a closet, this is your day to get it done. 

It may feel that there is a bit of drama surrounding your chores today (5), but the attitude number in any blueprint or day combo is an illusion, a facade, a mask we wear. So if you're feeling a bit edgy or nervous, chalk it up to something that really doesn't exist. However, that confident 4 does - hold onto it and go after what needs to be accomplished!