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The 5 Will Have Its Way. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 15, 2014


Yesterday offered us a change in home life, business, and/or studies. And with the back to back 5s we will encounter several times this month, we are now given the opportunity to change our relationships and/or their statuses. 

For all the drama 5 can bring to any circumstance, there is a reason for the 5. It can shakes us, literally, to our core to move us in the direction that we should go. We all came to this Earth with a plan and that plan isn't necessarily what we're living. 

It's too easy to stay in "what is", whether it is a personal, or business relationship. Starting over is avoided at all cost because we fear the loss of finances, time invested, position, title, company, and/or things. We stay because of  the "what ifs" but the 5 will ultimately have its way or make us miserable trying. 

Today, look at those around you that need to stay or need to move forward. Perhaps it's you. Who surrounds  you for your highest and best good? Who is there that is not a positive to your life? Is there someone that tears you down with continual criticism? Do they need to be there? 

Make your decisions today. Tomorrow, you'll be given the vibration that says, "Let's come up with a plan on what to do."