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Time of Review. Your Numerology Vibrations for October 22, 2014


The last back-to-back Master Number combo for the month of October asks us to do many things, one of which is review.

As posted at the beginning of the month, October, 2014 will give you a preview of your personal 2015. Today, with the Master Teacher (22) in a prominent position, review the good and challenging aspects you have experienced. What did you learn from each?

Rejoice in the happy times of October and do not be discouraged by the challenging opportunities. In your review session today, write down constructive methods of getting through those events you deemed upsetting. These will come in handy next year when you encounter similar instances. 

The 5, though only an attitude number, may give feel to the idea that all of life is changing. But then, all of life does change, even if we don't notice or change doesn't occur quickly enough. 

It's a day of reflection; it's a day of communication between you and the heavens. Use it to your advantage.