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What Do You Feel? Your Numerology Vibrations for October 16, 2014


The change we felt surrounding relationships yesterday has us contemplating how to accomplish these changes.  What is best for us? 

With the 6 of relationships still in a strong placement and joined by the analyzing 7, we'll be figuring out how to move towards our relationship goals. 

The 7 can get a bit overwhelmed with all the thinking they do, so if that happens today, walk out in nature. You can always just stand on the porch and breathe, if the weather is pleasant in your area of the world. 

7 also knows how to look within for the answers and listen to the still, small voice. It has the connection with the Divine, IF it doesn't over think the situation (which is not uncommon). 

Today, ask the questions. Wait for an answer. What do you feel?