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You Might Just Be Surprised! Your Numerology Vibrations for October 17, 2014


Being a human, I always have a little bit of a challenge when the 8 comes around. Oh, not personally, but in Numerology, there are few expressions for the 8. It makes it interesting to come up with a blog writing.

For some, it means work, work, and more work. If you don't work outside your home, you may wonder what that has to do with you. Therein lies the challenge of those not in the business world. What do I do with an 8? 

Work around the house. The 8 LOVES looking good so even though I would think of the 4 and 6 as being more of the domestic worker, 8 is right up there with them saying, 

"Change the lightbulb - you know it's been out for 3 months." 
"Take the screwdriver and tighten that door." 

"Put things away."
"Wrap up that old cord and put it upstairs."

The 8 is not a procrastinator. It likes to get things done. And though not totally domestic as the 6, it wants its surroundings picked up and taken care of. 7 says, "Don't ask other to do it; this is a solitary performance." 

So today, take a room, take a pantry, or perhaps even the entire house and become a fix-it person. Do what you can, acquire help for what you can't, put plastic up for the upcoming winter (if needed), throw away broken items (if you're not using them now because they're broken, you won't use the later when they're still broken), and rearrange. You'll be surprised what you may find tucked away that you needed.