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Your Numerology Vibrations for October 3, 4, & 5th

October 3rd through October 5th, 2014

(October - a preview to your personal 2015 vibrations)

It's another three day weekend for me, so I'm posting this early. 


There are many aspects to the 3 - communication, artistry, sales, playfulness, travel, etc. And hooked up this Friday with the Master Number of 11, our focus should be expressing ourselves with the highest and best good for all.

We may not know exactly where we're headed today, but the one thing we can strive for is enjoyment. 3 says, "Take a break and enjoy yourself!" After a day of work, make it a family night, even if you're a solitary individual. Get out of the rut (3s dislike that) and do something different - even if you're just wanting a different type of DVD to watch. 

Give someone a call that you haven't talked to for awhile or drop them a line. Try letter writing and surprise someone!

Fix a different type of meal or go out for coffee - dessert. Laugh! Play! Travel! We all need to have a little fun.


Today, we're the teacher. Not only is it a day of teaching what you know (or learning what you don't know), but we're probably going to communicate the lesson plan (3). I know I personally will be teaching the art of making 18th century rope today.

For those who would love to learn something new, this is a good time to hit a library or bookstore, particularly if they have a speaker scheduled. 

You may even find that you'll travel a bit to get there (3) as this will be a perfect vibration to travel (both Saturday & Sunday fit the bill). Or you may be interested in a lecture about traveling. 5 and 3 really despise being bored and they want to be on the go.

If you can't get out, make a fun day within your home with documentaries, travel programs, and adventure!


Changing the home front! 5 speaks of change, while the 4 outlines the home. Weather permitting, perhaps  you'll work on the outside of your living space. Or perhaps its the interior you've wanted a different look to. 

If you're unsure of what you'd like to do as far as a home project, the 4 loves to organize. So get out a piece of paper, divide it into 2 columns and begin stating the pros and cons of your upcoming project. Should I or shouldn't I?

This is also a combo that could give some topsy-turvy, "interesting" vibrations to the home. So if things get a little stained, take a few minutes (or as long as you need) and walk outside in nature. The closer to plant life you can get, the better. The 5 and 7 relax in nature, allowing it to pull the stress from our bodies. 

All in all - it's a good, playful weekend!