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But I Can't Wait! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 12, 2014


It's a day of communications, whether by painting, writing, speaking, or hobby creations. And oh! What fun it can provide. 

However, with the double 3, (and a 5 in the midst), if we're not cautious we can actually gravitate to the child within. No, that's not necessarily good, no matter what the quotes out there state. We might end up with a scene from "Home Alone 2" or become so impatient, we want it now, this instant. 

Many occurrences in our lives take time - not necessarily years, but time. A baby from conception to birth will take 9 months. The double 3 can have one unrealistically expecting 3 months. Meeting a new partner and developing a relationship into a commitment may take a year or more. The double 3 can believe we must accomplish it by next Monday. 

[Knock on door and woman answers] "Good morning! I was just passing by and was led to knock on your door. I just want you to know that I'm your Soul Mate, everything will be perfect, and I'm desperately in love with you! Will you marry me? Tomorrow? Perfect!"  

Only in Hollywood (which is also a 3, by the way)

Today, enjoy your life, but think twice. Laugh. Play. Share stories. Drink more coffee!