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DO IT - Today! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 26, 2014


The last of the double 8s until January, 2015 (where we will start off 2015 with double digits once again). However, that's not a recipe for procrastination - there is nothing more irritating to the 8 than one who can not make a decision or carry it through. This is the hard-hitting business number of Numerology. It's the decision maker.

It's a day of making your choices and not with the notion of "Maybe if...". Make a decision. Keep it. Do it. Use direct words: Yes, no, now, go, stay, change, etc. There is no room for maybe, when, perhaps, if, later, or possibly. 

If it helps, place your intentions and decisions on your VISION BOARD. Today, I will be making a decision for 2015 and placing it on my board. Look at it and look at it often. Now. Do it. Today.